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Bare Copper Conductor

Eland Cables supplies a range of bare copper conductors, which are ideally suited for use in electrical grounding systems and on insulators for overhead line transmission and distribution applications. In particular, our Class 2 stranded bare copper wire manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13602 and BS EN 60228 (formerly BS6360) offers greater flexibility than solid, hard-drawn wire. Hard drawn stranded copper conductors offers greater flexibility than a solid, hard-drawn wire.

Bare Copper Conductor Applications

Our bare copper conductors are principally used in energy transmission installations to maximise thermal and electrical conductivity, and to transmit energy with optimal efficiency. This uninsulated wire can be used as an earthing cable. The copper also offers natural resistance against environmental stresses such as wet, humid, and saline climates.

Bare copper conductor technical support

Our technical engineers have vast experience of providing support with the selection of the optimum bare copper conductor. We also offer innovative logistics solutions to help improve supply chain efficiency. Please call us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Construction Table

  Bare Copper Conductor CS Bare Copper Conductor

Class 2 Annealed Stranded Copper

Bare Copper Conductor

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Product name Part No Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Length (m)  
Bare Copper ConductorA2B100151.5mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B100252.5mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B100404mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B100606mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B101010mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B101616mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B102525mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B103535mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B105050mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B107070mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B109595mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B1120120mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B1150150mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B1185185mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B1240240mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B1300300mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B1400400mm²
Bare Copper ConductorA2B1500500mm²