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0361TQ HOFR Cables

0361TQ is a single core double-insulated flexible welding cable with a Heat and Oil Resistant, Flame-Retardant (HOFR) outersheath.

0361TQ Cable Specification

It is designed to transmit high currents from electric welding machines to the welding tool itself. 0361TQ cables are constructed with Class 6 extra flexible conductors for cables with a cross-sectional area up to 95mm2 and Class 5 flexible conductors for cable sizes over 120mm2, allowing for flexible use under rough conditions including on assembly lines and conveyor systems, in machine tool and motor car manufacturing, ship building, and for manually and automatically operated line and spot welding machines.


Often referred to as HOFR cable, our 0361TQ is manufactured in accordance with the now withdrawn BS638 standard and is flame retardant to BS EN 60332-1-2. Its outersheath is designed to withstand the oils, greases, heat and other stresses of the welding environment and it is subjected to a test for welding cables which determines its resistance to hot particles. As a result, HOFR cables such as the 0361TQ are used across a wide variety of industry sectors.

0361TQ Cable Voltage Rating

The 0361TQ has a voltage rating of 100V for welding applications and 450V for other applications if suitably protected against the risk of mechanical damage. Our black 0361TQ is suitable for use as an earthing return lead, flexible tail on power supplies, and Busbar connections. For cables that meet the requirements of the harmonised standard BS EN 50525-2-81, which superseded BS638, please refer to the H01N2-D and H01N2-E cables.

0361TQ Black HOFR Welding Cable

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Construction Table

  0361TQ Black Welding CS 0361TQ Black Welding Cable 0361TQ Orange Welding Cable CS 0361TQ Orange Welding Cable

100V (450V for non-welding applications if suitably protected from mechanical damage)


16mm2 to 95mm2: Class 6 Extra Flexible Stranded Copper
120mm2 and above: Class 5 Flexible Stranded Copper

16mm2 to 95mm2: Class 6 Extra Flexible Stranded Tinned Copper
120mm2 and above: Class 5 Flexible Stranded Tinned Copper


PET (Polyester Tape)


EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber)


HOFR (Heat and Oil Resistant and Flame Retardant)


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
0361TQ Black Welding CableA1G016116mm²Black
0361TQ Black Welding CableA1G025125mm²Black
0361TQ Black Welding CableA1G035135mm²Black
0361TQ Black Welding CableA1G050150mm²Black
0361TQ Black Welding CableA1G070170mm²Black
0361TQ Black Welding CableA1G095195mm²Black
0361TQ Black Welding CableA1G1201120mm²Black
0361TQ Black Welding CableA1G1501150mm²Black
0361TQ Black Welding CableA1G1851185mm²Black
0361TQ Black Welding CableA1G2401240mm²Black
0361TQ Orange Welding CableA1E016116mm²Orange
0361TQ Orange Welding CableA1E025125mm²Orange
0361TQ Orange Welding CableA1E035135mm²Orange
0361TQ Orange Welding CableA1E050150mm²Orange
0361TQ Orange Welding CableA1E070170mm²Orange
0361TQ Orange Welding CableA1E095195mm²Orange
0361TQ Orange Welding CableA1E1201120mm²Orange
0361TQ Orange Welding CableA1E1501150mm²Orange
0361TQ Orange Welding CableA1E1851185mm²Orange