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BS638 Part 4 Cable

Arc welding power sources equipment and accessories manufactured in accordance with British Standard BS638 (withdrawn)

BS638 Part 4 cable

Part 4 of this Standard covers single-core flexible cables carrying the welding current in metal arc welding circuits from the welding power source to the electrode holder and workpiece, including our 0361TQ available in black with a plain copper conductor, or orange with a tinned copper conductor. Please note, this standard has now been withdrawn, although BS638 Part 4 remains a commonly used reference term. 

These cables are suitable for use in manual, semi-automatic and automatic welding applications. They have been designed to withstand constant load switching and to operate in challenging environments requiring mechanical robustness, high flexibility and heat resistance to the hot particles generated by the welding operations. They are flame retardant to BS EN 60332-1-2.

Section 2 of Part 4 specifies requirements for arc welding cables rated at 100V AC rms and 150V DC. Section 3 of the Standard specifies requirements for additional arc welding cables frequently used in the United Kingdom. Their rating is as per section 2, however they can be used at voltages of up to 450V AC rms or 675V DC if suitably enclosed - a function not permitted within the superseded harmonised standard, BS EN 50525 where harmonised designations for arc welding cables are now covered under BS EN 50525-2-81 with cables H01N2-D and H01N2-E for normal and extra-high flexibility respectively.

The Standard prescribes covering material offering resistance to wear. Certain permitted covering also provide resistance to oils, grease, acids, alkalis and other aggressive substances. The specified covering materials also offer resistance to weld spatter.

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