How are cables terminated?

There are several different ways to terminate cables, with Eland Cables offering a range of cable accessories for this purpose. The termination method will depend on the system installed, the type of cable, and the connector. Using the proper termination method is essential for maintaining the electrical and mechanical integrity of the cable.

A solder type connection allows for a strong, solid mechanical and electrical connection. The solder is applied with a soldering iron and care must be taken that this is hot enough to ensure a proper liquid flow of solder around the jointing parts. The suitability of cables for this can be checked with Cable Solder-ability testing.

Crimps are applied by mechanical force around the conductor ends, ideal for terminating solid and stranded conductors. Crimps may also grip both the insulation and the conductor. The choice of crimp size and crimp tool is important to make sure that the cable is neither under crimped which would result in a poor or loose connection or over crimped which would result in damage to the cable and crimp.

Terminating Cables using crimping lugs

Insulation displacement is a means of making a connection without having to cut the cable. Connection pins are pushed through the sheathing and insulation and onto the conductor. This type of termination / connection is only suitable for certain cable types, typically flat ribbon type cables.

Direct connection uses connector blocks or junction blocks, ideal for solid and stranded connectors in particular. The insulation must be adequately stripped back to get the right connection but no more than this to ensure bare conductor is not exposed outside the terminal point. A connector pin is then screwed down onto the exposed section of the conductor end. This is a robust type of termination which allows for quick easy replacement of the cable.

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