What are cable assemblies?

Cable assemblies are groups of cables which are arranged into a single unit for a particular purpose. Cable assemblies are also referred to as cable harnesses or wiring looms.

These cables are grouped together in precisely the required length and orientation in order to make installation easier and quicker. They often include different cable constructions, as well as varying sizes, colours and lengths depending on the application. The assemblies may be compiled with a sleeve applied overall, or taped or bound with cable ties to help group the cables together, protecting them and making them more compact to save space.  Depending on the application the assembly may be fitted with various terminations, including plug or socket arrangements.

Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies are widely used in mass production to save time during the assembly of the overall machine or equipment, particularly when it is repeatedly used for each manufactured unit. Examples include the cable assemblies or harnesses used in the automobile industry.

For more information on how Eland Cables can provide cable harnessing for your application, please talk to one of our experts.

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