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CSA FT1 Cable

The Canadian Standard Association (CSA) issued standard FT1 to define the testing requirement for flame resistance of electrical cables.

CSA FT1 Cable

This small-scale flame test is applied only to vertical samples of finished cables to assess how quickly a cable will stop burning once it is no longer subject to a direct flame source.

The test requires a propane burner flame to thermally stress the cable with a flame for fifteen seconds, 5 times in a row, with compliance being achieved if the flame self-extinguish after no more than 1 minute after removal of the burner each time and that no more than a quarter of the paper indicator has been burnt.
Every national standards-setting body has its own fire resistance tests, however they are often aligned with the international consensus. In the case of CSA FT1, it is is in line with American standard UL VW-1 vertical wire flame test. In order to be deemed suitable for installation in North America, machinery using equipment and appliance wire such as the CY PVC and SY PVC control cables are required to meet this minimum flame propagation standard.

Compliance with CSA FT1

Eland Cables supplies a range of cables which have been certified to comply with CSA FT1, including control cables and hook-up wires. Our UKAS-accredited in-house cable testing laboratory can also assess compliance with this standard for third party cables. Please contact us to discuss your CSA FT1 compliant cable requirements.
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