Working with the Renewables Industry

All over the world societies are making efforts to decarbonize the energy industry; developing and implementing new ways to provide and store clean energy.    

Richard, Business Development Manager, begins, “The diversity of applications from which renewable energy is supported is huge and that can run from PV solar farms to biomass to hydro electric applications to EV charging - and battery storage too.”

Understanding the compliance regulations is key to getting the right cable.

Richard continues, “We're a global supplier and in each individual country has its own specific standards and approvals that cables need to meet. We engage with the customers at the beginning of projects, designers, specifiers, to make sure that the right cables are used for the right applications. If something doesn't exist and it's a completely new application, we have a huge technical support base here to help design, develop, bring to market, and approve cables that previously are not available.

At Eland Cables we rigorously test all our solutions in our world-class Cable Lab to minimise the risk of failure.

Richard emphasises, ”If someone thinks there's no risk to putting any power, cable or control or instrumentation cable into their particular project, they're wrong. Things do go wrong. The associated cost of repairing those cables in six months’ time, or two years’ time, or even 10 years’ time, is extremely high, particularly given the nature of the geographical locations of some of these applications.“

Mark, Lab Manager, says “So if you're in the renewable industry such as solar or wind farms, where cables are installed permanently outdoors, you want to know the cable that you're installing is sufficient to withstand UV radiation. 

So over time, the UV radiation will start to affect the sheath, which normally makes it brittle so it can start to crack. We use the UV machine to accelerate exposed conditions such as sunlight. And we're trying to put the cable samples under them external conditions, but in a controlled environment.

You want to know that cable is installed externally is going to be sufficient for UV stability and not start to degrade.”

Renewable energy projects around the world rely on our quality assured cables, and our expertise to get them where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Richard concludes, “It gives us great satisfaction being innovative and creating a sustainable future - knowing that the work that we're doing today will pay dividends not for just for ourselves, but for future generations as well.”