Working with Data & Comms

Our modern industries need a constant feed of data and information. To keep us connected, we rely on local and widescale fibre optic and mobile networks, not forgetting the data cables that connect our machines and equipment. Robust, secure communications networks are essential and they form an integral part of the buildings where we live and work. 

Simon, Business Development Manager, explains: "So basically, it's trying to future-proof an installation by working with consultants, specifiers and the companies themselves, to ensure they've got a product that's going to last beyond the changes in technology, but at the same time understanding that there are budget constraints with any project."

There are very few technologies that evolve at the pace of communications, so when specifying cables its important to get it right. Badly specified cables can mean short lifespans, creating added expense and ecological waste. 

Simon continues, "Obviously if you specify incorrectly, if you use the wrong cables on an installation, the hardware or the infrastructure might fail completely. This can all have huge repercussions on the cost of the project in terms of replacing those cables. So we have people who are experienced in data cables and we can use that resource when talking to customers about particular projects and particular solutions."

It's important to meet the standards, any CPR compliance, be backwards compatible, and have future capacity. It's a challenge, but not getting it right can be costly and create downtime. 

At Eland Cables, quality and compliance is a priority, so that means testing in our world-class Cable Lab.

Emma, Lab Supervisor, demonstrates: "At the moment we're in the Vertical Flame Propagation Room. It's basically to assess the flame retardance of a single cable length. We set the cable up to burn it; to test that it's going to pass the parameters it should pass, ie: to be flame retardant; and to assure that when it goes out into the real world that it performs - that when the cable gets to the customer that they have the reassurance that we have tested the cable."

Simon sums up: "We try and give the customers a different experience at Eland, and it also gives the customer a lot of confidence that they're dealing on a like-to-like basis with an engineer."

With so much to take into consideration when installing data and comms cables, at Eland Cables we have the expertise to keep you connected, now and in the future.


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