Eland Cables is CPR compliant

On the 1st July 2017 the Construction Products Regulation came into effect covering electrical cables used in buildings and construction, and classified them according to how they react in the event of fire, giving them a Euroclassification ranging from Aca to Fca.

It is now mandatory across Europe, although each country can adopt this regulation in line with their country's building regulations. It is anticipated that some will have different minimum classes depending on the risk assessment for the building (for instance, hospitals, schools and public buildings have a higher minimum CPR rating than domestic dwellings), but others may simply require compliance. It is advised that the geo-specific requirements for installation compliance are confirmed before placing any cable order as it may be costly and time-consuming to secure an alternative in the event it doesn't meet the minimum rating stipulated.

It should be noted that Fca classification cables have failed a vertical flame test and are therefore not recommended for installation.

This legislation affects newly manufactured and newly imported cables only - any cables already available for sale within Europe prior to this date can continue to be sold and installed without reference to the Directive.

Visit our CPR Compliance page to view our CPR statement and for more information about this important change to our industry.