Video: A different approach to Data Centre cables

Data Centres store information and power automation. Our modern lives rely on them to stay switched on.

Jean-Sébastien, Director, says "Here at Eland Cables, our data centre experts understand that cables are mission critical. Specifications and requirements are our starting point but understanding how and where they'll be used is at the heart of what we do."

You need to be sure that your cables perform as planned. That's why we carry out a rigorous series of tests that reflect data centre operations. 

Take Medium Voltage cables that distribute power from grid to site - our specialist MV facility tests to make sure cables have the electrical integrity they need. It means you avoid the risk of installing (and then having to replace) long runs with microscopic faults that can impede performance.

Have you thought about how exposure to sunlight can impact a cable's performance? Our Lab Manager, Mark, explains "We use the UV machine to accelerate exposed conditions to sunlight and UV radiation. So if you're building a data centre and some of the cables are installed externally before coming into a building, you want to know that the cable you've got exposed to sunlight is UV resistant."

Deborah, Head of Marketing, goes on to say, "The laboratory is about more than just looking at standards and regulatory compliance, it's about looking at whether or not the cables strip easily, testing for that strippability, testing to see whether the dimensional requirements calibrate with the terminations. It's about doing everything we can so that when it arrives onsite with a customer it's quick and easy to be able to install into their project."

Our industry technical experts support you through the complexity of sourcing the right cables, navigating the standards and regulations that vary across different regions, and balancing the practical and changing demands of a data centre project.

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