A different approach to Data Centre

The running and maintenance of data centres in the modern world is imperative - the slightest failure or bit of downtime in a data centre could crash an industry. It's essentially a critical piece of the world's infrastructure.

The role of Power cables within data centres are the lifeblood.

You're talking there's tens of kilometres of any one cable in a datacentre; the logistics that go behind manufacturing it, delivering it, and then ensuring that it's the correct specification is quite a complex process. 

The consultants and contractors that we work with are constantly facing challenges.

The cost of getting it wrong is insurmountable, the pressure to get it right is ever-increasing. 

Forward thinking and pre-planning are of utmost importance. 

We get involved in a project at a very early stage: where the data centre is going to be; where the cables are going to be run; and the added properties that their cable needs to have, whether that be UV resistance, oil resistance, extra flexibility, extra mechanical protection, enhanced temperature ratings, specific CPR ratings...

What sets us apart is our technical knowledge and our expertise, and of course our Lab for testing and compliance. We also have an exceptional success rate delivering our projects on-time, using our own fleet and drivers. We're able to support projects from their infancy, through installation, and beyond.

I'm so proud of the team. We have extremely committed people working very well together throughout the entire process.

We offer a complete seamless service, and sustainability is woven into that. The actions we are taking have very positive impacts on both our clients and the data centres we work with. 

It makes me feel extremely happy and well-equipped to be offering market-leading green solutions to such critical infrastructure.


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