Video: N2XH Enhanced Flex Cable

High Performance Power Cables for Data Centres

Designed for quick and easy termination in confined spaces

N2XH Flex Enhanced Cable

  • Class 5 flexible conductor
  • LSZH insulation and sheathing
  • Abrasion resistant to BS EN 60229-4.1
  • Ozone resistant to BS EN 50396
  • UV resistant
  • Voltage rating of 0.6/1kV (IEC 60502-1)
  • Suitable for installation in ducts

The Benefits

  • Multiple third-party accreditations
    • BSI Kitemark tested
    • KEMA Approved
  • Enhanced flexibility for easy termination into confined spaces
  • Quick and easy termination preparation saving time and money
  • Significant cost savings on accessories compared to armoured cable


Preparing the cable for termination: 2:02 mins

Step 1: Score the circumference of the cable. Our tool won't let you cut too deep, preventing damage to the insulation of the underlying cores

Step 2: Score down the length of the sheathing material to remove

Step 3: For ease of removal, carefully check the sheath has been cut through

Step 4: Peel back and remove the outer sheathing - this will detach easily

Step 5: Separate the individual cores ready for final termination


Talk to our data centre technical team about how the N2XH Flex Enhanced can benefit your project.