Eland Cables Overview

They help us start the day, but we don't see them. They get us to work, but without them nothing would work. We out our trust in the cables that connect us.

"Eland Cables is a truly global organisation working across all continents and many industries." says Jean-Sebastien, Director.

Deborah, Head of Marketing continues, "For us its about much more than just delivering a cable, it's about working with our customers to overcome the challenges they face on site. Whether it be an environmental issue or a compliance factor, we can work with them to get them the cable they need."

"Our industry experts are certainly not just order takers, they really care about the project." adds Jean-Sebastien.

"The risks of a mine in South America are going to be very different to a data centre in Scandinavia" points out Deborah. "It's about working with our customers to overcome some of the challenges they might find, where a bend is too tight and they need to have a more flexible cable. It might be that you need the cables delivered in a just-in-time basis."

Kevin, Commercial Director comments, "First and foremost you have to listen to the customer, and in listening to the customer you can understand what they need and what they want to do, and then you can offer the solution. We'll give you as much information as we can to give you the tools to do your job."

Idris, Account Manager, underlines this: "The customers know you're there every step of the way to guide them - we speak their language, we understand their environment."

Sigita, International Account Manager, adds, "People who are buying from us, from all over the world, whatever documents, whatever technical assistance, whatever even labelling they need on their products, we will provide."

"We want our clients to not only have a good experience when they're talking about the technical side of things, but also extend that experience into the fact they know it's going to arrive at the right place, at the time specified" says Clarke, Head of Logistics.

Sigita concludes, "The cables are not maybe our babies but we care about them a lot and we will call them and ask them how is it looking, maybe you can send us some pictures from site, because we are genuinely interested and we genuinely care.

Jean-Sebastien retierates, "What people get from working with Eland Cables is a personal and flexible approach - we care about the details of getting the right product to the right place at the right time. There are very few organisations with a lab like ours, that test so extensively."

Richard, Business Development Manager goes further, "If someone thinks there's no risk to putting any power cable or control or instrumentation cable into their particular project, they're wrong. Things do go wrong. The cost of residual repair and maintenance is extremely high."

Doug, Rail & Utilities Manager, explains, "Having the Cable Lab on site is very very important for me and the cables that I'm delivering. I'd much rather have a cable stopped here than going out to site, being installed, and only finding out it's not fit for purpose when they switch it on."

Lab Manager, Mark confirms, "It's what we do, it's why we're here. We're not here just to make things pass, we're here because we're proud of what we do and the goods we send out the door."

Jean-Sebastien concludes: "The ambition is for our customers to not have to think about the cable - we're here to provide a solution, from the beginning to the end."

Eland Cables - a tailored service on a global scale.