Working with the Mining Industry

From above the ground and below the surface we find the ingredients for modern life: the smallest components and the grand designs all rely on the people, machinery and expertise that run the world’s mines.

At Eland Cables we understand that no two mines are the same. Each has a unique infrastructure and static and dynamic equipment with a unique set of needs for the cables that provide power and control.

International Sales Director and Mining Specialist, Mariz begins: “We are talking about large-scale projects, we get involved from the Consultants, the EPC contractors (the companies that do the Engineering, the Procurement, the Construction) and then even with the mine itself. We are working from an early stage to understand what are the requirements for that mine. If it’s a surface mine or underground mine or both, they will have different requirements; if it’s exposed to sunlight the cables need to follow certain characteristics, and if it’s underground the cables need to be halogen free for instance.”

Jean-Sebastien continued, “ We often get enquiries for a standard product – an easy thing to do would be to supply what’s requested, but our industry experts care about the applications, the project, and they’ll be asking questions. And it’s through this engagement with customers that we can really add value.”

Mariz added “For mining companies safety is paramount, therefore automation is becoming key. Mining companies are taking people out of mines and allowing mines to be operated from a distance. It does offer huge benefits like reducing costs, but it brings safety.”

As more mines embrace automation the need for robust cables is evermore important, not only for powering but also for control and monitoring. At Eland Cables we understand the conditions that a cable is going to face whilst in operation in a mine, so all of our cables are rigorously tested.

Mark, Lab Manager elaborated, “If you’re installing something in a mining environment where the cable is trailing outside prior to going into a building or into an industrial unit you want to know that cable is suitable for that type of installation. Different locations will have different strength UV radiation and different exposure rates as well. Everything will eventually start to go weak and brittle with UV radiation, but what we’re trying to do is accelerate that ageing process to give guidelines on how long cables can last.

Our highly trained experts understand the demands cables face, how they’re expected to perform, the environments where they’ll be used, as well as the standards they’ll need to meet for compliance. And we have the know-how to get our cables to any site, no matter how inaccessible.

Mariz concluded, “As in any other project, in mining it is crucial to find the right partners to work with. We do have the expertise and we do have the know-how to assure that we identify all that is needed and that is exactly what is delivered on time in the end.


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