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VG-YMvKas mb and VO-YMvKas mb cables

Our VG-YMvKas mb (armoured) and VO-YMvKas mbzh (braided) form part of our PVC cable range, offering a degree of mechanical protection and electrical screening. They have a rated voltage of (0.6/1kV) and can be used in installations requiring compliance with Dutch national standard NEN1010.

Our VG-YMvKas mb and VO-YMvKas mb cables are tested and accredited by KEMA Laboratories, providing independent confirmation of their suitability for Netherlands projects.

VG-YMvKas mb & VO-YMvKas mb cable selection

Please contact us for technical support with VG-YMvKas mb and VO-YMvKas mb cable selection. Our technical engineers are experienced with their specific characteristics and can advise you on alternative options. For instance, for applications requiring a greater level of flexibility, we supply YMvK mb cables. We also supply Z1G-YMz1Kas mbzh and Z10-YMz1Kas mbzh for installation in environments sensitive to smoke and corrosive gas emission in the event of fire.

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Construction Table

  VG-YMzKas Cable CS VG-YMvKas mb Cable Vo-YMzKas Cable CS VO-YMvKas mb Cable



Class 1 Solid Copper
Class 2 Stranded Copper


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


PVC-FR (Polyvinyl Chloride Flame Retardant)


GSWB (Galvanized Round Steel Wire)


Tinned Copper


PVC-FR (Polyvinyl Chloride Flame Retardant)

VG-YMvKas mb and VO-YMvKas mb cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M02010GR210Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M02016GR216Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M02025GR225Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M02035GR235Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M03010GR310Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M03016GR316Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M03025GR325Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M04010GR410Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M04016GR416Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M04025GR425Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M04035GR435Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M04050GR450Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M04070GR470Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M04095GR495Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M04120GR4120Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M04150GR4150Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M04185GR4185Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1M04240GR4240Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1N020015/1.5GR21.5/1.5Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1N020025/2.5GR22.5/2.5Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1N020040/4GR24/4Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1N020060/6GR26/6Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1N030015/1.5GR31.5/1.5Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1N030025/2.5GR32.5/2.5Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1N030040/4GR34/4Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1N030060/6GR36/6Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1N040015/1.5GR41.5/1.5Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1N040025/2.5GR42.5/2.5Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1N040040/4GR44/4Grey
VG-YMvKas mb CableB1N040060/6GR46/6Grey
VO-YMvKas mb CableB1N020015/1.5GR21.5Grey
VO-YMvKas mb CableB1N020025/2.5GR22.5Grey
VO-YMvKas mb CableB1N020040/4GR24Grey
VO-YMvKas mb CableB1N020060/6GR26Grey
VO-YMvKas mb CableB1N030015/1.5GR31.5Grey
VO-YMvKas mb CableB1N030025/2.5GR32.5Grey
VO-YMvKas mb CableB1N030040/4GR34Grey
VO-YMvKas mb CableB1N030060/6GR36Grey
VO-YMvKas mb CableB1N040015/1.5GR41.5Grey
VO-YMvKas mb CableB1N040025/2.5GR42.5Grey
VO-YMvKas mb CableB1N040040/4GR44Grey
VO-YMvKas mb CableB1N040060/6GR46Grey