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Our range of (N)SGAÖU and (N)SGAFCMÖU Cables are single core cables designed for short-circuit grounding purposes.

(N)SGAÖU and (N)SGAFCMÖU Cable Specification

With their flexible Class 5 stranded conductors, these cables are commonly specified in the transport industry, being used on rail rolling stock and buses, but also with automation and control applications in switch cabinets and other continuously operating installations. They have an EPDM Rubber (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) insulation and a robust Rubber sheathing.

The (N)SGAFCMÖU has an additional tinned copper wire braid (TCWB) as part of its construction to provide EMC protection against electromagnetic interference. These cables are a variant of the commonly specified (N)SGAFÖU cables.

(N)SGAÖU and (N)SGAFCMÖU Cable Voltages

These rubber flexible cables are available in a range of voltages - the (N)SGAÖU being offered in 0.6/1kV, 1.8/3.3kV and 3.6/6kV as standard and in a broad range of conductor cross-sectional sizes. The (N)SGAFCMÖU Cable is available in other voltages on request but most commonly requested in 3.6/6kV.

The (N)SGAÖU and (N)SGAFCMÖU cables have a broad operating temperature range of -40oC to +80oC for fixed installations and -25oC to +80oC for mobile applications.

With cable sizes and electrical characteristics contained within the technical datasheet, should additional support in specifying these short-circuit proof cables be required, please contact the Technical Hotline or speak to a member of the sales team for more information.

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Construction Table

  CS (N)Sgaou Cable (N)SGAÖU Cables CS (N)Sgafcmou (N)SGAFCMÖU Cable

0.6/1kV - 1.8/3.3kV - 3.6/6kV



Class 5 flexible stranded Copper


Separator Tape (additional semi-conductive layer over conductor for 3.6/6kV variant)

Semi-conductive layer over conductor + separator


EPDM Rubber (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)


TCWB (Tinned Copper Wire Braid)


Rubber Type 5GM3


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Voltage Rating Sheath colour Length (m)  
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N01KV01001511.5mm²0.6/1kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N03KV01001511.5mm²1.8/3kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N06KV01001511.5mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N01KV01002512.5mm²0.6/1kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N03KV01002512.5mm²1.8/3kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N06KV01002512.5mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N01KV01004014mm²0.6/1kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N03KV01004014mm²1.8/3kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N06KV01004014mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N01KV01006016mm²0.6/1kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N03KV01006016mm²1.8/3kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N06KV01006016mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N01KV01010110mm²0.6/1kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N03KV01010110mm²1.8/3kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N06KV01010110mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N01KV01016116mm²0.6/1kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N03KV01016116mm²1.8/3kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N06KV01016116mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N01KV01025125mm²0.6/1kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N03KV01025125mm²1.8/3kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N06KV01025125mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N01KV01035135mm²0.6/1kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N03KV01035135mm²1.8/3kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N06KV01035135mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N01KV01050150mm²0.6/1kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N03KV01050150mm²1.8/3kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N06KV01050150mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N01KV01070170mm²0.6/1kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N03KV01070170mm²1.8/3kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N06KV01070170mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N01KV01095195mm²0.6/1kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N03KV01095195mm²1.8/3kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N06KV01095195mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N01KV011201120mm²0.6/1kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N03KV011201120mm²1.8/3kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N06KV011201120mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N01KV011501150mm²0.6/1kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N03KV011501150mm²1.8/3kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N06KV011501150mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N01KV011851185mm²0.6/1kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N03KV011851185mm²1.8/3kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N06KV011851185mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N01KV012401240mm²0.6/1kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N03KV012401240mm²1.8/3kVBlack
(N)SGAÖU CablesB6N06KV012401240mm²3.6/6kVBlack
(N)SGAFCMÖU CableB7O06KV011851185mm²3.6/6kVBlack