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H05BQ-F and H07BQ-F Cables

The H05BQ-F and H07BQ-F cables are robust polyurethane (PUR) sheathed cables with a voltage rating of 300/500v and 450/750V respectively. Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, the H05BQ offers multicore cross-sectional conductor sizes up to 1mm2 whilst the H07BQ provides cables of a cross-sectional size to 16mm2. Supplied with colour cores, including Green/Yellow, as standard.

The H05BQ-F and H07BQ-F cables are commonly found on agro-chemical plants, construction sites, and connecting equipment such as heat lamps and circular saws where they are subject to medium mechanical stress. As expected with the broad range of applications, these PUR cables gave a wide operating temperature range of -40oC to +90oC.

Polyurethane sheathing offers protection from oils, fats and chemicals, and is proven to prevent the growth and spread of microbial bacteria on the cable’s outer layer. As such, the H05BQ-F and H07BQ-F cables are also commonly used in food production washdown rooms such as abattoirs. It is AD7 rated for water resistance.

The H05BQ and H07BQ cables join a wider portfolio of PUR cables, including the PUR-JZ control, PUR Type B Profinet cable for BUS applications, the Veriflex industrial ethernet cable, and cables for industrial applications such powerchains and drag chains.

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Construction Table

  H05BQ-F Cable CS H05BQ-F cable H07BQ-F Cable CS H07BQ-F Cable




Class 2 stranded Copper


Cross-linked EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber)


PUR (Polyurethane)

H05BQ and H07BQ cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
H05BQ-F cable A8Q0200005OR 2 0.5 Orange
H05BQ-F cable A8Q0200075OR 2 0.75 Orange
H05BQ-F cable A8Q020010OR 2 1 Orange
H05BQ-F cable A8Q0300005OR 3 0.5 Orange
H05BQ-F cable A8Q0300075OR 3 0.75 Orange
H05BQ-F cable A8Q030010OR 3 1 Orange
H05BQ-F cable A8Q0400005OR 4 0.5 Orange
H05BQ-F cable A8Q040010OR 4 1 Orange
H05BQ-F cable A8Q0500005OR 5 0.5 Orange
H05BQ-F cable A8Q0500075OR 5 0.75 Orange
H05BQ-F cable A8Q050010OR 5 1 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q020010OR 2 1 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q020015OR 2 1.5 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q020025OR 2 2.5 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q020040OR 2 4 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q030010OR 3 1 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q030015OR 3 1.5 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q030025OR 3 2.5 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q030040OR 3 4 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q030060OR 3 6 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q03010OR 3 10 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q040010OR 4 1 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q040015OR 4 1.5 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q040025OR 4 2.5 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q040040OR 4 4 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q040060OR 4 6 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q04010OR 4 10 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q050010OR 5 1 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q050015OR 5 1.5 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q050025OR 5 2.5 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q050040OR 5 4 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q050060OR 5 6 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q05010OR 5 10 Orange
H07BQ-F Cable A7Q05016OR 5 16 Orange