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Our portfolio of HD620 standard cables includes the Copper EXeCWB and Aluminium EAXeCWB medium voltage cables, along with the longitudinally and radially waterblocked versions EXeCeWB and EAXeCeWB. The cables are manufactured in accordance with IEC 60502-2 and HD620.

These cables are supplied in voltages 8.7/15kV and 20.8/36kV - other voltages are available.

EXeCWB, EXeCeWB, EAXeCWB and EAXeCeWB Cable Specification

These cables are for primary power distribution across grid connections, and for heavy-duty equipment connections. Sheathed in an abrasion resistant Polyethylene (PE), they are well-suited to externally, particularly when installed in buried cable ducts.

The cables do have UV resistance, but the expectation is these cables are installed in ducting so if installing in open air without additional protection then further information should be sought for clarification.

EXeCWB, EXeCeWB, EAXeCWB and EAXeCeWB Cable Sizes and Technical Datasheets

The technical datasheets for the EXeCWB, EXeCeWB, EAXeCWB and EAXeCeWB list the cables as available in single core configurations and different cross-sectional sizes up to 630mm2. The electrical characteristics and the constructional dimensions including insulation diameters are provided to support cable selection. 

As with all our cable datasheets, the technical information provided will suit the requirements of most users, but should additional information be needed, our technical team is on hand to answer any questions. Their support in honing the specification is also available - for instance, determining whether a single or dual waterblocking tape should be preferred.




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Construction Table

  CS EXeCWB Cable EXeCWB Cable CS Eaxecwb Cable EAXeCWB Cable CS Eaxecewb Cable EAXeCeWB Cable

8.7/15kV 12/20kV 20.8/36kV

8.7/15kV 12.7/22kV 18/30kV 20.8/36kV

8.7/15kV 20.8/36kV


Class 2 stranded Copper

Class 2 stranded Aluminium


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene) with Conductor screen and Insulation screen


Copper Wires and Tape


Longitudinal swellable tape either side of metallic screen


PE (Polyethylene)


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Voltage Rating Sheath colour Length (m)  
EXeCWB CableB4I15KV0102512515kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I15KV0105015015kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I20KV0105015020kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I30KV0105015030kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I20KV0109519520kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I30KV0109519530kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I15KV01150115015kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I20KV01150115020kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I30KV01150115030kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I15KV01240124015kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I20KV01240124020kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I30KV01240124030kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I20KV01400140020kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I30KV01400140030kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I15KV01630163015kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I30KV01630163030kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I15KV0110001100015kVRed
EXeCWB CableB4I30KV0110001100030kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H15KV0105015015kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H20KV0105015020kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H30KV0105015030kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H15KV0109519515kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H20KV0109519520kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H30KV0109519530kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H15KV01150115015kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H20KV010150115020kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H15KV010240124015kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H20KV010240124020kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H30KV010240124030kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H15KV010400140015kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H20KV010400140020kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H30KV010400140030kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H15KV010630163015kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H20KV010630163020kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H30KV010630163030kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H15KV01010001100015kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H20KV01010001100020kVRed
EAXeCWB CableB4H30KV01010001100030kVRed
EAXeCeWB CableB4K15KV0105019515KVRed
EAXeCeWB CableB4K36KV0105019536KVRed
EAXeCeWB CableB4K15KV01050124015KVRed
EAXeCeWB CableB4K36KV01050124036KVRed
EAXeCeWB CableB4K15KV01050140015KVRed
EAXeCeWB CableB4K15KV01050163015KVRed