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2GTL Cable

The 2GTL cable is a heat resistant single core cable with silicone rubber insulation covered in a fibre glass braid.

2GTL Cable Specification

The 2GTL cable is commonly specified in petrochemical and life sciences plants. The braid is a halogen-free layer, making it suitable for internal installation. Additionally, the combination of high temperature capability and seawater resistance means the 2GTL cables is also suitable for marine and shipwiring applications.

Oil, Ozone, fats and seawater resistant, and with good resistance to abrasions, the 2GTL cable is suitable for the connection of transformers and generators under thermal stress. This flexible cable, with fine stranded tinned copper conductors, is suitable for installations where the operating temperature rises to a maximum of +180oC or is as low as -50oC.

2GTL Voltage Ratings and Cable Sizes

2GTL is available in voltage ratings of 1.1/1.9kV - provided with yellow braid sheathing, as well as in medium voltages of 3.3/4.2kV (red/brown), 6.6/7.2kV (grey), and 13.9/15kV (black). In all cases, the cable is available in core sectional sizes ranging from 10mm2 up to 240mm2.

The 2GTL cable provides for higher rated voltages that the SIAF-GL, Eland Cables’ silicone fibre glass braid which is rated 300/500V (or 0.6/1kV when protected).

For support with high temperature applications, please contact our team for additional information.

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Construction Table

  2GTL Cable CS 2GTL Cable

1.1/1.9kV, 3.3/4.2kV, 6.6/7.2kV and 13.9/15kV


Class 5 flexible stranded tinned Copper


Silicone rubber


Rubber compound


Fibre glass braid 1.9kV Yellow, 4.2kV Red/Brown, 7.2kV Grey, 15kV Black

2GTL Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Voltage Rating Sheath colour Length (m)  
2GTL CableGTL15KV0101011015kVBlack
2GTL CableGTL15KV0101611615kVBlack
2GTL CableGTL15KV0102512515kVBlack
2GTL CableGTL15KV0103513515kVBlack
2GTL CableGTL15KV0105015015kVBlack
2GTL CableGTL15KV0107017015kVBlack
2GTL CableGTL15KV0109519515kVBlack
2GTL CableGTL15KV01120112015kVBlack
2GTL CableGTL15KV01150115015kVBlack
2GTL CableGTL15KV01185118515kVBlack
2GTL CableGTL15KV01240124015kVBlack
2GTL CableGTL072KV010040147.2kVGrey
2GTL CableGTL072KV010060167.2kVGrey
2GTL CableGTL072KV010101107.2kVGrey
2GTL CableGTL072KV010161167.2kVGrey
2GTL CableGTL072KV010251257.2kVGrey
2GTL CableGTL072KV010351357.2kVGrey
2GTL CableGTL072KV010501507.2kVGrey
2GTL CableGTL072KV010701707.2kVGrey
2GTL CableGTL072KV010951957.2kVGrey
2GTL CableGTL072KV0112011207.2kVGrey
2GTL CableGTL072KV0115011507.2kVGrey
2GTL CableGTL072KV0118511857.2kVGrey
2GTL CableGTL072KV0124012407.2kVGrey
2GTL CableGTL042KV010060164.2kVRed/Brown
2GTL CableGTL042KV010101104.2kVRed/Brown
2GTL CableGTL042KV010161164.2kVRed/Brown
2GTL CableGTL042KV010251254.2kVRed/Brown
2GTL CableGTL042KV010351354.2kVRed/Brown
2GTL CableGTL042KV010501504.2kVRed/Brown
2GTL CableGTL042KV010701704.2kVRed/Brown
2GTL CableGTL042KV010951954.2kVRed/Brown
2GTL CableGTL042KV0112011204.2kVRed/Brown
2GTL CableGTL042KV0115011504.2kVRed/Brown
2GTL CableGTL042KV0118511854.2kVRed/Brown
2GTL CableGTL042KV0124012404.2kVRed/Brown
2GTL CableGTL019KV01001511.51.9kVYellow
2GTL CableGTL019KV01002512.51.9kVYellow
2GTL CableGTL019KV010040141.9kVYellow
2GTL CableGTL019KV010060161.9kVYellow
2GTL CableGTL019KV010101101.9kVYellow
2GTL CableGTL019KV010161161.9kVYellow
2GTL CableGTL019KV010251251.9kVYellow
2GTL CableGTL019KV010351351.9kVYellow
2GTL CableGTL019KV010501501.9kVYellow
2GTL CableGTL019KV010701701.9kVYellow
2GTL CableGTL019KV010951951.9kVYellow
2GTL CableGTL019KV0112011201.9kVYellow
2GTL CableGTL019KV0115011501.9kVYellow
2GTL CableGTL019KV0118511851.9kVYellow
2GTL CableGTL019KV0124012401.9kVYellow