Working with the Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Industry

The Oil, Gas, and Petrochemicals industries operate in harsh environments with saltwater spray, hydrocarbon drilling muds, chemicals, and extremes of temperature just some of the conditions they face. Whether in an upstream or downstream process the focus is on optimizing performance, reducing costs, and minimizing environmental impact. Cables play a vital role in supporting safe, sustainable operations.

Mariz, International Sales Director, explains the role we play: "We are talking about large scale projects here, and projects that involve several parties, governments, big multinationals, consultants, engineering houses, understanding the requirements of these projects is crucial. We work from a very early stage to ensure that everything is met. And our technical team is not only understanding the project, but is also challenging and putting new ideas on the table."

Badly specified cables run the risk of serious financial implications, with failure resulting in unplanned downtime and costly maintenance.

Mark, Lab Manager talks us through one of the quality and compliance tests conducted on our cables: "Whenever the cable is in is in operation, it gets warm as part of generating current in the cable, it will generate heat in the cable. And what you want to know is when that cable is warm, if anything is pressing on the cable, will that go into the insulation material, or will that insultation material withstand that force pressing on it. It’s critical that these cables meet the requirements any outages because of cable defects or faults can have major consequences."

Mariz continues; "So once technical, is out of the way, it's a matter of understanding when are those cables needed, and where. The fact that we know how to deliver, we know which challenges we are going to have, with logistics, with freight, with the customs - it makes a huge difference and it’s a big benefit."

When reliability, safety and compliance are key to operations, the cables you use, and the supplier you choose, can’t be a compromise.

Mariz concludes: "It’s crucial to find the right partners to work with. Making sure that we are fully compliant with all the stake holders is a huge challenge but one that we are experts on."