Video - Data Centre World Singapore Interview

Deborah Graham-Wilson, Head of Marketing for Eland Cables, discusses our Data Centre expertise at Data Centre World Singapore, in October 2019:


Who are Eland Cables?

Eland Cables are a global cable supplier with a portfolio across power, data, control & instrumentation cables. We work around the world in all industries, but with a particular speciality in data centres; working with the Big Five tech giants to deliver data centres that are supplied with quality, compliant cables that have been independently tested in our ISO 17025 testing laboratory.

What are the biggest challenges facing the Data Centre industry today?

From a cable point of view it remains ensuring that only high quality, performance, compliant cables are used in installations. As an overall cost to the budget cables are comparatively small but they are out in at a very early stage and they have to meet the performance expectations and the demands placed upon them. Should they not meet those demands you're faced with the time and labour to pull them out and to reinstall and, potentially, unplanned downtime - both of which need to be avoided.

How is Eland Cables helping to solve these challenges?

Eland Cables puts the emphasis on quality and compliance. That means our cables go through our ISO/IEC 17025 testing laboratory that's accredited by UKAS. With the cables going through a rigorous and intensive quality assurance and independent testing process it means that our customers have the peace of mind that the cables they source from us do meet the performance and compliance expectations they have. On top of that, it's the technical support that we provide as an extension of the project team: right the way through from specification to installation, supporting the challenges that come from the unique installation environments that are faced with every single different data centre. And being able to provide CPD certified cable training, and generally being able to support the data centre team whether it be the consultant or the electrical engineer.