Cable Spike Test

A Spike Test is specifically designed to prove that the screen of a cable can withstand a full specified fault current for a period of no less than 3 seconds. It simulates the accidental "spiking" of a live cable installation and ensures that the circuit protection will operate and the circuit fails to safety - for example if a mechanical digger accidentally pierces cable that is buried direct in the ground whilst it is doing groundwork. It is deemed a destructive Type test - as you will see from the footage, this is a single instance test and it renders the cable unusable afterwards. Type testing is generally only conducted once in order to demonstrate and prove product design and cable parameters.

This test was performed on samples of medium voltage, single core 33kV cable. There are a limited number of facilities globally that can safely conduct a cable spike test on medium voltage owing to the significant power demands drawn from the national grid and the violent effects of the test. The test was carried out at the independent CESI facility in Italy - the Centro Elettrotecnico Sperimentale Italiano.