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SE0774 Cable

Our Limited Fire Hazard (LFH) 700V Signalling Power Supply cable is manufactured in accordance with SSL-SE-774 and is London Underground Approved.

SSL SE774 Cable Specification

The SE774 cable is designed for use in safety critical signalling equipment rooms. It also has applications as an Earthing cable, safely routing the power to ground in the event of fault or failure and minimising the risk of damage to signalling systems. 

This single core cable has a tinned copper conductor sheathed in a LSZH insulation, making it suited to enclosed tunnels and internal spaces. The cable ranges in size from 1mm2 to 35mm2.

Depending on the application, these cables can be black, yellow or green/yellow. They have an operating temperature range of -15oC to +85oC. Additional technical information is contained in the attached datasheet.

This cable is on the Approved Products Register, supplied from approved manufacturers.

SE774 from stock - next day delivery as standard

We have a range of SE774 in stock and available for Next Day delivery anywhere in London or elsewhere in the UK as standard. For emergencies, these cables are available for collection and can be delivered on a Same Day basis.

Rail & metro industry experts

Our portfolio of rail & metro cables is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and includes a comprehensive range of Network Rail approved power cablessignalling cables and Class 2 signalling power supply cable. Please contact our rail specialists to discuss your requirements and to find out how we can support you with your projects.

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Construction Table

  Rail LUL SE774 Cable CS SE0774 Cable



Class 2 Stranded Tinned Copper


LFH (Limited Fire Hazard)

SE0774 Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
SE0774 CableSE7741X1BK11mm²Black
SE0774 CableSE7741X4BK14mm²Black
SE0774 CableSE7741X6BK16mm²Black
SE0774 CableSE7741X16BK116mm²Black
SE0774 CableSE7741X35BK135mm²Black
SE0774 CableSE7741X1GY11mm²Green/Yellow
SE0774 CableSE7741X4GY14mm²Green/Yellow
SE0774 CableSE7741X6GY16mm²Green/Yellow
SE0774 CableSE7741X35GY135mm²Green/Yellow
SE0774 CableSE7741X1YW11mm²Yellow
SE0774 CableSE7741X4YW14mm²Yellow
SE0774 CableSE7741X6YW16mm²Yellow
SE0774 CableSE7741X16YW116mm²Yellow
SE0774 CableSE7741X35YW135mm²Yellow