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Pendant Hoist Control Cables

Pendant hoist cables are manufactured for use in heavy industry, for use alongside other crane cables, in operations including mining, quarrying, and the construction industry. Our Pendant Hoist control cables are designed to operate under high mechanical stresses, as well as torsion, torque and tension.

Pendant Hoist Cable Specification

Pendant hoist cables are for control applications, sending signals to overhead cranes and gantries from push-button controls. They are used for overhead crane feeder applications as they offer the combination of both flexibility and robustness across a wide temperature range of -40oC to +70oC for fixed installations, and a low of -25oC for mobile applications. 

With galvanised steel wire rope offering suspension support up to a maximum suspended height of 80m and a pulling force of 2100N for each steel core, the PVC sheathed flexible copper pendant hoist cable is designed with a voltage rating of 300/500V. They are multicore cables of 5 core and above.

Pendant Hoist Cable Datasheets

The technical datasheet attached for download is our PVC Pendant Hoist cable. The data provided should be sufficient for cable selection but where supplemental information is required, please speak to the team who can assist. In the event that you require Pendant Hoist cables in other materials, our sales and procurement teams are able to help.

They can be considered as part of our festoon cable range and in the same broader category as our NSHTOU drum reeling cables. 


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Construction Table

  Pendant Hoist Control Cable CS PVC Pendant Hoist Control Cable



Class 6 fine stranded flexible Copper


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


Cores in concentric layers




Galvanised steel wire ropes at both sides


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Pendant Hoist Control Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
PVC Pendant Hoist Control CableB7HP05050550mm²Black
PVC Pendant Hoist Control CableB7HP06050650mm²Black
PVC Pendant Hoist Control CableB7HP08050850mm²Black
PVC Pendant Hoist Control CableB7HP100501050mm²Black
PVC Pendant Hoist Control CableB7HP120501250mm²Black
PVC Pendant Hoist Control CableB7HP140501450mm²Black
PVC Pendant Hoist Control CableB7HP160501650mm²Black
PVC Pendant Hoist Control CableB7HP200502050mm²Black
PVC Pendant Hoist Control CableB7HP240502450mm²Black