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NYM-J and NYM-O Cable

The NYM Cable is for fixed wiring, available as NYM-J (with green/yellow core) and NYM-O (without green/yellow - part numbers with an -O as a suffix). As with many fixed wiring cables, it has a Class 1 solid or Class 2 stranded copper conductor. Available as a single core or in multicore variants, it is readily available in configurations up to 12 cores. Frequently specified in building and construction projects across Europe, it is used in both domestic, commercial and industrial applications. 

Insulated and sheathed in PVC, this cable has a voltage rating of 300/500V. The PVC insulation dictates a maximum conductor operating temperature of +70oC, but can be used in installations where the temperature is as low as -35oC. The NYM cable is not suitable for installation in direct sunlight without additional UV protection, nor is it suitable for installation directly into concrete. The NYM cable can be laid on cable tray, in ducting, or in walls, in line with relevant national building regulations.

For an alternative to PVC, please see the N2XH cable.

The NYM-J and NYM-O cables are CPR compliant.


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  NYM-J NYM-O Cable CS NYM-J and NYM-O Cable



Class 1 solid or Class 2 stranded Copper


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

NYM-J and NYM-O Cable

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