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The NYCWY cable range is used as fixed wiring power supply for indoor and outdoor applications with a voltage rating of 600/1000V.

NYCWY Cable specification

The NYCWY cable is specified where increased electrical conductivity with accompanying protection is required. It is particularly suited for underground laying, notably in subscriber networks and power stations where it can be buried without additional protection or in concrete. It is also used as control cable for the transmission of control impulses and test data. This range has a water and UV-resistant sheath for outdoor use.

This multi-core cable has an operating temperature range of -5oC to +70oC.

NYCWY cable datasheet

The technical datasheet will provide key information for specification, including applicable standards, construction, and electrical characteristics. Where additional information is required, our technical team has vast experience advising on European fixed wiring power supply cables - please contact us for support with NYCWY-RE, NYCWY-RM and NYCWY-SM cable selection, or for information about any other cables forming part of this range, including NYY, NYCY, and N2XY cable.

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Construction Table

  NYCWY Power Cable CS NYCWY Cable



RE: Class 1 Solid Copper
RM: Class 2 Stranded, Round Copper
SM: Class 2 Stranded, Sectorial Copper


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


Waveconal Outer Conductor – Copper Wire and Counter Spiral Copper Tape


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Type Sheath colour Length (m)  
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY02010/10210mm²RE / 10Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY02016/16216mm²RE / 16Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY02025/25225mm²RM / 25Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03010/10310mm²RE / 10Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03016/16316mm²RE / 16Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03025/16325mm²RM / 16Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03025/25325mm²RM / 25Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03035/35335mm²SM / 35Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03035/16335mm²SM / 16Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03050/50350mm²SM / 50Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03050/25350mm²SM / 25Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03070/70370mm²SM / 70Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03070/35370mm²SM / 35Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03095/95395mm²SM / 95Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03095/50395mm²SM / 50Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03120/703120mm²SM / 70Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03120/1203120mm²SM / 120Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03150/703150mm²SM / 70Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03150/1503150mm²SM / 150Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03185/953185mm²SM / 95Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03185/1853185mm²SM / 185Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY03240/1203240mm²SM / 120Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY04010/10410mm²RE /10Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY04016/16416mm²RE /16Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY04025/16425mm²RM /16Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY04035/16435mm²SM /16Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY04050/25450mm²SM /25Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY04070/35470mm²SM /35Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY04095/50495mm²SM /50Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY04120/704120mm²SM /70Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY04150/704150mm²SM /70Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY04185/954185mm²SM /95Black
NYCWY CableA9NYCWY04240/1204240mm²SM /120Black