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FR-N20XA8E-AR Cable

The FR-N20XA8E-AR Cable manufactured in accordance with NF-C33-226 is a commonly specified French Normes cable, designed for primary and secondary power distribution. This Medium Voltage cable has a rated voltage of 12/20kV (24kV). 

FR-N20XA8E-AR Cable Specification - single core / triplex

Available as both a single core cable and 3x1 (trefoil) cable, the FR-N20XA8E-AR MV cable can be installed in ducts, buried directly, or in free air. It can be supplied with sheath colours depending on the installation specification: Red for underground connections, Grey for aerial, above/underground, and technical connections, or Black striped for identification purposes. In all cases, additional protection against mechanical stress should be considered where relevant.

Manufactured in accordance with HD620 standard, the Aluminium FR-N20XA8E-AR cable is insulated with XLPE to provide a maximum conductor operating temperature of +90oC. A grooved Insulation Screen, easily peeled away for speed of termination sits below a metallic screen, with tightness powders applied. to prevent water ingress. The polyethylene sheathing offers a robust outer layer of environmental protection, resilient against tearing and abrasions and offers good water resistance. 

FR-N20XA8E-AR Cable Datasheet

The technical datasheet lists single core cables up to and including 1200mm2, whilst the trefoil formation states sizes to 400mm2. Where alternative sizes are required, please speak to the team. Current Carrying Capacity and Maximum Tensile Strength are also detailed, but additional electrical characteristics can be provided to support your installation specification.

The FR-N20XA8E-AR to NF C33-226 20kV cable is part of a wider portfolio of European standard MV cables, available with and without armour, and with copper or aluminium conductors, including the N2XS2Y PE cables in 10kV, 20kV and 30kV. MV cables with PVC or LSZH sheathing are also available. Additional voltage ratings are available upon request. 

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Construction Table

  NF C33 266 20kV Al XLPE PE Cable CS FR-N20XA8E-AR Cable



Class 2 stranded Aluminium


Semi-conductive XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


Semi-conductive XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


Al/PET (Aluminum Foil/Polyester Tape)


PE (Polyethylene)

FR-N20XA8E-AR Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01050BK150mm²Black
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01095BK195mm²Black
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01150BK1150mm²Black
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01240BK1240mm²Black
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01400BK1400mm²Black
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01630BK1630mm²Black
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV3T050BK350mm²Black
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV3T095BK395mm²Black
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV3T150BK3150mm²Black
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV3T240BK3240mm²Black
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV3T400BK3400mm²Black
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01050RD150mm²Red
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01095RD195mm²Red
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01150RD1150mm²Red
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01240RD1240mm²Red
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01400RD1400mm²Red
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01630RD1630mm²Red
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV3T050RD350mm²Red
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV3T095RD395mm²Red
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV3T150RD3150mm²Red
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV3T240RD3240mm²Red
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV3T400RD3400mm²Red
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01050GR150mm²Grey
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01095GR195mm²Grey
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01150GR1150mm²Grey
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01240GR1240mm²Grey
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01400GR1400mm²Grey
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV01630GR1630mm²Grey
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV3T050GR350mm²Grey
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV3T095GR395mm²Grey
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV3T150GR3150mm²Grey
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV3T240GR3240mm²Grey
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV3T400GR3400mm²Grey
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV011200BK11200mm²Black
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV011200RD11200mm²Red
FR-N20XA8E-AR CableB8A20KV011200GR11200mm²Grey