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FR-N1 X1G1 Cables

FR-N1 X1G1 (Copper) and FR-N1 X1G1-AR (Aluminium) are French Standard fire retardant low voltage power cables manufactured in accordance with Norme Français NF-C32-323 and with a voltage rating of 0.6/1kV.

NR-N1 X1G1 Cable Specification

With their solid stranded Class 2 conductors the NR-N1 X1G1 cables are designed for fixed installation. In these static applications they can be laid in free air, on cable tray, in pipes and conduit, or in trenches. They are not suitable for installation underground (direct burial) or in water. The Aluminium conductor cables are lighter weight than their Copper equivalents, but require larger cross-sectional sizes for parity in current carrying capacity, so Copper would be specified where there is limited installation space.

Commonly used in industrial settings, particularly as sub-main power distribution through risers and the trunk of buildings and industrial plants, it can also be used in hospitals and high-risk public settings. The outer sheathing of halogen-free flame retardant polymer (HFFR) is supplied in green as standard but other colours can be available upon request.

The FR-N1 X1G1 and FR-N1 X1G1-AR cables are not suitable for applications requiring circuit integrity under fire conditions. 

FR-N1 X1G1 Cable Sizes 

Both the FR-N1 X1G1 and FR-N1 X1G1-AR have an operating temperature range of -25oC to +90oC, and are available as single core and multi-core variants. This includes a 3-core with reduced earth option. Cable sizes range from 25mm2 to 300m2 - where additional sizes are required, please speak to the team about your installation and project parameters.

For fire performance cables, please see NXHX and NHXCH FE180 and our wider portfolio.

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Construction Table

  FR-N1 X1G1 Cable CS FR-N1 X1G1-AR Cable FR-N1 X1G1 Copper Cable CS FR-N1 X1G1 Cable



Class 2 Aluminium

Class 2 Copper


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


Halogen-free polymer or tape


HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardant)

FR-N1 X1G1 Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA01016116mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA01025125mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA01035135mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA01050150mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA01070170mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA01095195mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA011201120mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA011501150mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA011851185mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA012401240mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA013001300mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA014001400mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA015001500mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA02016216mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA02025225mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA02035235mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA03016316mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA03025325mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA03035335mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA03050350mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA0350/35350/35mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA03070370mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA03070/35370/35mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA0370/50370/50mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA03095395mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA03095/50395/50mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA031203120mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA03120/703120/70mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA031503150mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA03150/703150/70mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA031853185mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA03185/703185/70mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA032403240mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA04016416mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA04025425mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA04035435mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA04050450mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA04070470mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA04095495mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA041204120mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA041504150mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA041854185mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1-AR CableB2PA042404240mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P01025125mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P01035135mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P01050150mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P01070170mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P01095195mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P011201120mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P011501150mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P011851185mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P012401240mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P013001300mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P02004024mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P02006026mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P02010210mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P02016216mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P02025225mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P02035235mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P03004034mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P03006036mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P03010310mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P03016316mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P03025325mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P03035335mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P03050350mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P0350/35350/35mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P03070370mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P0370/50370/50mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P03095395mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P03095/50395/50mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P031203120mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P03120/703120/70mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P031503150mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P03150/703150/70mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P031853185mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P03185/703185/70mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P032403240mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P03240/953240/95mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P033003300mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P04004044mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P04006046mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P04010410mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P04016416mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P04025425mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P04035435mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P04050450mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P04070470mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P04095495mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P041204120mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P041504150mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P041854185mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P042404240mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P043004300mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P05004054mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P05006056mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P05010510mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P05016516mm²Green
FR-N1 X1G1 CableB2P05025525mm²Green