Cable Plugs & Connectors

Cable Plugs and Connectors

Cable Plugs

Eland Cables supplies a comprehensive range of Scame connectivity solutions - plugs and connectors - for domestic and industrial use.

Our cable plugs and connectors are available in a wide range of voltages, with 110V, 240V, and the three-phase 415V being supplied as standard. 

Our cable plugs and connectors are made of robust halogen-free materials making them suitable for use in areas where burning PVC may cause concerns in the event of a fire.

SCAME Cable plugs and connectors portfolio

Our Scame range includes the following commonly used cable plugs and connectors:

Scame IP44 plug IP44 cable plugs and connectors are standard industrial plugs and are suitable for fixed or temporary use.
Scame IP44 connector
Scame IP66 / IP67 plug IP66 / IP67 cable plugs and connectors are used un applications which require protection against water ingress.
Scame IP66 / IP67 connector

In addition to our Scame range, we supply a wide range of other plugs and connectors covering a vast array of industrial applications, including TÜV-approved solar cable connectors for solar cable installations. As a cable supplier, our engineers are ideally positioned to advise on the suitability of the cable accessories to use with our cables in order to ensure the integrity of your electrical systems.

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Plugs and Connectors

5 product(s)
Product name Part No Type Poles Amps Voltage Colour Quantity  
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44SCYW/16AScrew2P+E16100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44SCYT/16AScrew2P+E16100 - 130Yellow/Transparent
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44SCBL/16AScrew2P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44SCBK/16AScrew2P+E16200 - 250Black
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44SCBT/16AScrew2P+E16200 - 250Blue/Transparent
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44SCRD/16AScrew2P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44IPYW/16AInsulation Perforation2P+E16100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44IPYT/16AInsulation Perforation2P+E16100 - 130Yellow/Transparent
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44IPBL/16AInsulation Perforation2P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44IPBK/16AInsulation Perforation2P+E16200 - 250Black
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44IPBT/16AInsulation Perforation2P+E16200 - 250Blue/Transparent
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44IPRD/16AInsulation Perforation2P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44SCYW/32AScrew2P+E32100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44SCBL/32AScrew2P+E32200 - 250Blue
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44SCBK/32AScrew2P+E32200 - 250Black
Scame IP44 PlugSP-44SCRD/32AScrew2P+E32380 - 415Red
Scame IP44 PlugSP3-44SCBL/16AScrew3P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP44 PlugSP3-44SCRD/16AScrew3P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP44 PlugSP3-44SCBK/16AScrew3P+E16380 - 415Black
Scame IP44 PlugSP3-44IPBL/16AInsulation Perforation3P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP44 PlugSP3-44IPRD/16AInsulation Perforation3P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP44 PlugSP3-44IPBK/16AInsulation Perforation3P+E16380 - 415Black
Scame IP44 PlugSP3-44SCBL/32AScrew3P+E32200 - 250Blue
Scame IP44 PlugSP3-44SCRD/32AScrew3P+E32380 - 415Red
Scame IP44 PlugSP3-44SCBK/32AScrew3P+E32380 - 415Black
Scame IP44 PlugSP4-44SCRD/16AScrew3P+N+E16346 - 415Red
Scame IP44 PlugSP4-44SCBK/16AScrew3P+N+E16346 - 415Black
Scame IP44 PlugSP4-44IPRD/16AInsulation Perforation3P+N+E16346 - 415Red
Scame IP44 PlugSP4-44IPBK/16AInsulation Perforation3P+N+E16346 - 415Black
Scame IP44 PlugSP4-44SCRD/32AScrew3P+N+E32346 - 415Red
Scame IP44 PlugSP4-44SCBK/32AScrew3P+N+E32346 - 415Black
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44SCYW/16AScrew2P+E16100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44SCYT/16AScrew2P+E16100 - 130Yellow/Transparent
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44SCBL/16AScrew2P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44SCBK/16AScrew2P+E16200 - 250Black
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44SCBT/16AScrew2P+E16200 - 250Blue/Transparent
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44SCRD/16AScrew2P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44IPYW/16AInsulation Perforation2P+E16100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44IPYT/16AInsulation Perforation2P+E16100 - 130Yellow/Transparent
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44IPBL/16AInsulation Perforation2P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44IPBK/16AInsulation Perforation2P+E16200 - 250Black
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44IPBT/16AInsulation Perforation2P+E16200 - 250Blue/Transparent
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44IPRD/16AInsulation Perforation2P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44SCYW/32AScrew2P+E32100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44SCBL/32AScrew2P+E32200 - 250Blue
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44SCBK/32AScrew2P+E32200 - 250Black
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC-44SCRD/32AScrew2P+E32380 - 415Red
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC3-44SCBL/16AScrew3P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC3-44SCRD/16AScrew3P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC3-44SCBK/16AScrew3P+E16380 - 415Black
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC3-44IPBL/16AInsulation Perforation3P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC3-44IPRD/16AInsulation Perforation3P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC3-44IPBK/16AInsulation Perforation3P+E16380 - 415Black
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC3-44SCBL/32AScrew3P+E32200 - 250Blue
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC3-44SCRD/32AScrew3P+E32380 - 415Red
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC3-44SCBK/32AScrew3P+E32380 - 415Black
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC4-44SCRD/16AScrew3P+N+E16346 - 415Red
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC4-44SCBK/16AScrew3P+N+E16346 - 415Black
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC4-44IPRD/16AInsulation Perforation3P+N+E16346 - 415Red
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC4-44IPBK/16AInsulation Perforation3P+N+E16346 - 415Black
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC4-44SCRD/32AScrew3P+N+E32346 - 415Red
Scame IP44 ConnectorSC4-44SCBK/32AScrew3P+N+E32346 - 415Black
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCYW/16AScrew2P+E16100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCYT/16AScrew2P+E16100 - 130Transparent
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCBL/16AScrew2P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCBK/16AScrew2P+E16200 - 250Black
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCBT/16AScrew2P+E16200 - 250Transparent
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCRD/16AScrew2P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66IPYW/16AInsulation Perforating2P+E16100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66IPYT/16AInsulation Perforating2P+E16100 - 130Transparent
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66IPBL/16AInsulation Perforating2P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66IPBK/16AInsulation Perforating2P+E16200 - 250Black
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66IPBT/16AInsulation Perforating2P+E16200 - 250Transparent
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66IPRD/16AInsulation Perforating2P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCYW/32AScrew2P+E32100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCBL/32AScrew2P+E32200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCBK/32AScrew2P+E32200 - 250Black
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCRD/32AScrew2P+E32380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCYW/63AScrew2P+E63100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCBL/63AScrew2P+E63200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCRD/63AScrew2P+E63380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCYW/125AScrew2P+E125100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCBL/125AScrew2P+E125200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC-66SCRD/125AScrew2P+E125380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC3-66SCBL/16AScrew3P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC3-66SCRD/16AScrew3P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC3-66SCBK/16AScrew3P+E16380 - 415Black
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC3-66IPBL/16AInsulation Perforating3P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC3-66IPRD/16AInsulation Perforating3P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC3-66IPBK/16AInsulation Perforating3P+E16380 - 415Black
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC3-66SCBL/32AScrew3P+E32200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC3-66SCRD/32AScrew3P+E32380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC3-66SCBK/32AScrew3P+E32380 - 415Black
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC3-66SCRD/32AScrew3P+E32380 - 440Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC3-66SCBL/63AScrew3P+E63200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC3-66SCRD/63AScrew3P+E63380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC3-66SCBL/125AScrew3P+E125200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC3-66SCRD/125AScrew3P+E125380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC4-66SCRD/16AScrew3P+N+E16346 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC4-66SCBK/16AScrew3P+N+E16346 - 415Black
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC4-66SCRD/32AScrew3P+N+E32346 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC4-66SCBK/32AScrew3P+N+E32346 - 415Black
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC4-66SCRD/63AScrew3P+N+E63346 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC4-66SCRD/125AScrew3P+N+E125346 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC4-66IPRD/16AInsulation Perforating3P+N+E16346 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 ConnectorSC4-66IPBK/16AInsulation Perforating3P+N+E16346 - 415Black
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCYW/16AScrew2P+E16100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCYT/16AScrew2P+E16100 - 130Yellow/Transparent
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCBL/16AScrew2P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCBK/16AScrew2P+E16200 - 250Black
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCBT/16AScrew2P+E16200 - 250Blue/Transparent
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCRD/16AScrew2P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66IPYW/16AInsulation Perforating2P+E16100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66IPYT/16AInsulation Perforating2P+E16100 - 130Yellow/Transparent
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66IPBL/16AInsulation Perforating2P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66IPBK/16AInsulation Perforating2P+E16200 - 250Black
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66IPBT/16AInsulation Perforating2P+E16200 - 250Blue/Transparent
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66IPRD/16AInsulation Perforating2P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCYW/32AScrew2P+E32100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCBL/32AScrew2P+E32200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCBK/32AScrew2P+E32200 - 250Black
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCRD/32AScrew2P+E32380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCYW/63AScrew2P+E63100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCBL/63AScrew2P+E63200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCRD/63AScrew2P+E63380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCYW/125AScrew2P+E125100 - 130Yellow
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCBL/125AScrew2P+E125200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP-66SCRD/125AScrew2P+E125380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP3-66SCBL/16AScrew3P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP3-66SCRD/16AScrew3P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP3-66SCBK/16AScrew3P+E16380 - 415Black
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP3-66IPBL/16AInsulation Perforating3P+E16200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP3-66IPRD/16AInsulation Perforating3P+E16380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP3-66IPBK/16AInsulation Perforating3P+E16380 - 415Black
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP3-66SCBL/32AScrew3P+E32200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP3-66SCRD/32AScrew3P+E32380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP3-66SCBK/32AScrew3P+E32380 - 415Black
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP3-66SCRD/32AScrew3P+E32380 - 440Red
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP3-66SCBL/63AScrew3P+E63200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP3-66SCRD/63AScrew3P+E63380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP3-66SCBL/125AScrew3P+E125200 - 250Blue
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP3-66SCRD/125AScrew3P+E125380 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP4-66SCRD/16AScrew3P+N+E16346 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP4-66SCBK/16AScrew3P+N+E16346 - 415Black
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP4-66IPRD/16AInsulation Perforating3P+N+E16346 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP4-66IPBK/16AInsulation Perforating3P+N+E16346 - 415Black
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP4-66SCRD/32AScrew3P+N+E32346 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP4-66SCBK/32AScrew3P+N+E32346 - 415Black
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP4-66SCRD/63AScrew3P+N+E63346 - 415Red
Scame IP66/IP67 PlugSP4-66SCRD/125AScrew3P+N+E125346 - 415Red
Solar Cable ConnectorsFCSMC4-CONSolar Cable Connectorsn/an/an/an/a
Solar Cable ConnectorsFCSMC4BR-CON-FFemale Branch Connectorn/an/an/an/a
Solar Cable ConnectorsFCSMC4BR-CON-MMale Branch Connectorn/an/an/an/a