Cable Sleeving

Cable Sleeving

Cable Sleeving

Eland Cables supplies a wide range of cable sleeving in up to 12 different colours for identification purposes, grouping and termination protection.

Available in Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Neoprene, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH), cable sleeving can expand upwards of a 2:1 ratio for easy application, particularly when used with our expander tools.

Our PVC cable sleeving is available with either a thin, medium or thick wall, depending on requirements and space constraints. Our neoprene sleeving is pre-lubricated as standard. For cables connecting to moving parts or flexed, we offer braided sleeving that provides valuable additional protection at the point of termination. We also offer a Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) cable sleeving for use in high operating temperature applications.

We also offer heatshrink cable sleeving solutions, including a London Underground-approved version for use on subsurface rail network projects. Heatshrink cable sleeving (also known as Heat Shrink Tubing) is generally used for permanent installations, providing additional insulation and resistance to abrasion and protective moisture sealant as well as easy identification. After wrapping around an installed cable connection, the heatshrink cable sleeving is subjected to a heat gun in order to reduce the diameter of the tubing to provide a tight, secure fitting.

Manufactured from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Polyolefin, our heatshrink cable sleeving is available with a 2:1 or 3:1 expandable ratio, and with a thin or medium wall depending on application requirements.

Cable sleeving forms an essential part of cable installations and play an important role in assuring the design integrity of your electrical installation. For technical support for the selection of the right cable sleeving, as well as your requirements for other cable accessories such as cable glands, cable markers and cable terminations please discuss your requirements with our engineers as part of your cable selection and procurement process.

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Product name Part No Size Colour Pack Quantity Quantity  
Neoprene SleevingFCAH12 x 20BKBlack100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH20 x 30BKBlack100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH30 x 25BKBlack100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH50 x 25BKBlack100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH75 x 25BKBlack50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH100 x 25BKBlack50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH12 x 20BLBlue100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH20 x 30BLBlue100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH30 x 25BLBlue100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH50 x 25BLBlue100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH75 x 25BLBlue50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH100 x 25BLBlue50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH12 x 20BRBrown100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH20 x 30BRBrown100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH30 x 25BRBrown100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH50 x 25BRBrown100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH75 x 25BRBrown50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH100 x 25BRBrown50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH12 x 20GNGreen100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH20 x 30GNGreen100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH30 x 25GNGreen100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH50 x 25GNGreen100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH75 x 25GNGreen50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH100 x 25GNGreen50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH12 x 20GRGrey100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH20 x 30GRGrey100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH30 x 25GRGrey100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH50 x 25GRGrey100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH75 x 25GRGrey50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH100 x 25GRGrey50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH12 x 20OROrange100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH20 x 30OROrange100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH30 x 25OROrange100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH50 x 25OROrange100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH75 x 25OROrange50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH100 x 25OROrange50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH12 x 20PKPink100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH20 x 30PKPink100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH30 x 25PKPink100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH50 x 25PKPink100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH75 x 25PKPink50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH100 x 25PKPink50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH12 x 20RDRed100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH20 x 30RDRed100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH30 x 25RDRed100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH50 x 25RDRed100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH75 x 25RDRed50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH100 x 25RDRed50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH12 x 20YWYellow100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH20 x 30YWYellow100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH30 x 25YWYellow100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH50 x 25YWYellow100
Neoprene SleevingFCAH75 x 25YWYellow50
Neoprene SleevingFCAH100 x 25YWYellow50
PVC SleevingFCY2.0RD2Red1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY3.0RD3Red1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY4.0RD4Red1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY6.0RD6Red1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY10.0RD10Red1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY16.0RD16Red1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY2.0BK2Black1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY3.0BK3Black1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY4.0BK4Black1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY6.0BK6Black1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY10.0BK10Black1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY16.0BK16Black1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY2.0BL2Blue1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY3.0BL3Blue1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY4.0BL4Blue1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY6.0BL6Blue1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY10.0BL10Blue1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY16.0BL16Blue1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY2.0BR2Brown1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY3.0BR3Brown1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY4.0BR4Brown1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY6.0BR6Brown1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY10.0BR10Brown1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY16.0BR16Brown1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY2.0GR2Grey1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY3.0GR3Grey1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY4.0GR4Grey1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY6.0GR6Grey1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY10.0GR10Grey1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY16.0GR16Grey1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY2.0GY2Green/Yellow1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY3.0GY3Green/Yellow1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY4.0GY4Green/Yellow1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY6.0GY6Green/Yellow1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY10.0GY10Green/Yellow1x100m
PVC SleevingFCY16.0GY16Green/Yellow1x100m
Braided SleevingF6TS/65-9n/a100
Braided SleevingF6TS/86-12n/a100
Braided SleevingF6TS/108-14n/a100
Braided SleevingF6TS/1210-16n/a50
Braided SleevingF6TS/1512-20n/a50
Braided SleevingF6TS/2018-25n/a50
Braided SleevingF6TS/2522-30n/a25
Braided SleevingF6TS/3026-35n/a25
Braided SleevingF6TS/3530-40n/a25
Braided SleevingF6TS/4035-45n/a25
Braided SleevingF6TS/5045-55n/a25
Heat ShrinkFHS1.21.2n/aper metre
Heat ShrinkFHS1.61.6n/aper metre
Heat ShrinkFHS2.42.4n/aper metre
Heat ShrinkFHS3.23.2n/aper metre
Heat ShrinkFHS4.84.8n/aper metre
Heat ShrinkFHS6.46.4n/aper metre
Heat ShrinkFHS9.59.5n/aper metre
Heat ShrinkFHS12.712.7n/aper metre
Heat ShrinkFHS19.119.1n/aper metre
Heat ShrinkFHS25.425.4n/aper metre
Heat ShrinkFHS38.138.1n/aper metre
Heat ShrinkFHS50.850.8n/aper metre
Heat ShrinkFHS76.276.2n/aper metre
Heat ShrinkFHS101.6101.6n/aper metre