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Eland Cables Lab LogoBorn out of a desire to deliver comprehensive technical support and superior service to our customers, the Cable Lab is testament to our ongoing drive to consistently provide the highest levels of product quality and technical expertise.
Our specialist cable testing facilities are UKAS-accredited to ISO 17025, making the Cable Lab a centre of excellence, and verifies our competence, impartiality and performance capabilities. In addition, we have been awarded the BSI RoHS Trusted Kitemark™, a distinction only available to organisations that can demonstrate their ability to comply with the RoHS Directive. The Cable Lab is staffed by highly-qualified technicians and industry experts, some of whom sit on European and International technical committees and provide consultancy to regulatory bodies.
This gives us an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and expertise on which we draw when advising on standard and specialist cables, and in the design and development of bespoke cables to provide ever more innovative and effective cables solutions.

Our cable experts also deliver cable training tailored to our customers’ particular requirements.Eland Cables Lab Logo

UKAS Accredited Testing

Recognising that accurate and reliable cable testing is vital to the supply of high quality and safe cables, we are continually investing in our state-of-the-art specialist cable testing laboratory, which is UKAS-accredited1 to ISO 17025.  This accreditation certifies the competence, impartiality and performance capability of our cable-testing facility and of its evaluations. We apply the highest level of testing protocols to all procedures, which means assured integrity of results and peace of mind for our customers.
Quality should be evidence-based. Our UKAS accreditation certifies that we are qualified to give that evidence.
Independent Cable Testing
In addition to testing our own cables as part of our quality assurance processes, the Cable Lab provides independent, objective and comprehensive quality assessment of third party cables. This includes BSI-certified RoHS testing and certification of compliance to various international standards, including SONCAP for Nigeria.
Cable Fault Investigation
In the event of a cable fault or suspected cable fault on a cable from any source, we provide independent investigation of the issue, undertake testing, and produce full reports.
About Eland Cables  
For further details on our cable testing and investigation capabilities contact our experts on +44 (0)20 7241 8500 or at technical@elandcables.com
1UKAS (The United Kingdom Accreditation Service) is the sole national accreditation body recognised by government to assess, against internationally-agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services.

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ROHS Testing

To ensure compliance with the Directive 2011/65/EU, we carry out extensive RoHS material testing on our products. Crucially, we are the only organisation whose RoHS testing is UKAS-accredited to ISO 17025.
We have also achieved the BSI RoHS Trusted Kitemark™ which is internationally recognised and respected as the premier mark of a holders’ competence and to its commitment to quality systems and regulatory compliance. The UKAS accreditation and the BSI Kitemark certify our ability to comply with the legislative ban regarding the placing on the EU market of new EEE containing more than the agreed levels of the restricted substances. Similar regulations exist in other areas of the world including China, Japan, South Korea, the USA, Norway and Turkey. Our customers in all of our markets can be confident in our ability to help them meet their legislative requirements and can demonstrate that they have exercised due diligence in the selection of Eland Cables as their cable supplier.
About Eland Cables  
Contact our cable experts on +44 (0)20 7241 8500 or at technical@elandcables.com

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Technical Hotline

Our technical team is always on hand for direct advice to our customers, providing instant access to a world of insights and technical support with one phone call. From cable selection queries and specialist cable design and manufacturing, to in-depth information on technical data, cable performance and regulatory requirements, our expert team is here to help. It’s a unique resource that helps us deliver on our commitments to our customers.
Contact our cable experts on +44 (0)20 7241 8500 or at technical@elandcables.com

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Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality is total. It is continuous. It is never compromised. As the only UK cable supplier with a specialist cable testing facility UKAS-accredited to ISO 17025, we offer one of the greatest level of quality-testing expertise in the industry. The Eland Cables’ Quality Mark is applied to our products as assurance that our cables have been submitted to a rigorous testing regime and meet the relevant industry, national and international standards, including those high-quality standards that we set for our products. The Cable Lab undertakes a full range of tests as part of our routine QA procedures, ensuring integrity of product across our range of cables. Furthermore, our quality systems, including ISO 9001, incorporate a periodic audit of our key suppliers in order to ensure the quality of the materials at source and to review our entire supply chain’s quality assurance procedures. 

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To help industry professionals meet the increasing requirement for Continuing Professional Development, as cable standards and regulations continue to evolve, we offer a comprehensive range of CPD-certified cable training modules.
Our training programmes include presentations in a classroom setting with hands-on interaction with cables and cable accessories at Eland Cables or on customers’ premises, if required. Online training is also provided via webinars.
Designed to enhance understanding of cable design, manufacturing, individual construction properties and applications, our training courses successfully impart the product knowledge and skills required to understand and manage key cable-related operations more effectively. Each participant receives a personalised training pack with copies of the presentation and the relevant cable spec sheets. We also provide a Certificate of Attendance to each participant to attach to their CPD log as evidence of development once training has been completed or the desired standards of learning have been met.
The Cable Lab is responsible for all aspects of our in-house and external cable training and ensures the programme is constantly updated to include the latest market trends, product developments and ever-evolving national and international legislation. Our cable training programmes are tailored to our clients’ requirement and can be one-day session or a series of training modules run over several days.
Our current CPD training programmes include:cpd-certified-logo-(2).png
 - Introduction to Cable Manufacturing
 - Introduction to Cable Testing
 - Introduction to Fire Resistant Cable Standards
 - Introduction to Fire Resistant Cables
-  The Interchangeability of IEC and SABS Cables

To discuss our CPD cable programmes or other cable training requirements, contact our technical experts on   +44 (0)20 7241 8500 or at technical@elandcables.com

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Customised Cable Solutions

In many instances, standard cables will not meet all of the requirements of a particular application and special cables are required to meet specific needs. We have 40 years of experience in designing and developing cable to meet a multitude of requirements and applications. Our technical team engages with our customers’ engineers and technicians to confirm the operating requirements, develop the design, and produce technical drawings and a full data sheet for the customised cable solution needed to answer the brief.
Finally, and of vital importance, part of the development process includes testing in our UKAS-accredited specialist cable testing facility, the Cable Lab.
Our team can be contacted on +44 20 7241 8500, at technical@elandcables.com or by completing our customised cable solutions enquiry form.

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"Eland Cables are a long-standing and trusted supplier to Keltbray and the level of expertise within their organisation is second to none. Their responsive and innovative approach, technical expertise and in-house cable-testing laboratory sets them apart. Communication and competitive pricing is key to delivering our projects and this gives me the confidence in our choice of making Eland our preferred cable supplier."
The expert technical staff and high-end facilities at the Cable Lab® were excellent and very impressive. The cable-testing process itself was exhaustive and provided us with the independent assessment report we needed. The level of expertise and service in their UKAS-accredited facility puts them at the forefront of UK cable testing and inspection services." 

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