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Born out of a desire to deliver comprehensive technical support and superior service to our customers, the Eland Cables Lab is testament to our ongoing drive to consistently provide the highest levels of product quality and technical expertise. Our specialist cable testing facilities are UKAS-accredited to ISO 17025, making the Eland Cables Lab a centre of excellence, and verifies our competence, impartiality and performance capability. In addition, we have been awarded the BSI RoHS Trusted Kitemark, a distinction only available to organisations that can demonstrate their ability to comply with the RoHS Directive.


The Eland Cable Lab is staffed with highly-qualified technicians and industry experts some of which who sit on European and International technical committees and provide consultancy to regulatory bodies. This gives us an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and expertise on which we draw when advising on standard and specialist cables, and in the design and development of bespoke cables to provide ever more innovative and effective cables solutions. Our cable experts also deliver cable training tailored to our customers’ particular requirements.


The Cable Lab is responsible for all aspects of Eland Cables’ internal cable training and to ensure a consistent approach throughout the organisation. It keeps us up to date with the latest market trends, product developments and ever evolving national and international legislation.

In keeping with our philosophy of continuous improvement, we invest in enhancing our skills and knowledge. This helps us attract and develop the best people in the industry, which in turn allows us to offer industry-leading levels of service.

Having developed this in-house training infrastructure, we also offer external training tailored to our customers’ specific requirements. A recent example includes a two-day, factory-based training course attended by Network Rail Category Managers. They were looking to enhance their understanding of cable manufacturing given the critical importance of this product to their operations, and our training course successfully gave them the knowledge and skills to manage key operations more effectively.

To learn more about our training offer, call +44 (0)20 7231 8500.

The Eland Quality Mark

Eland Cables’ Quality Mark is applied as assurance that our cables have been tested and meet the relevant industry, national and international standards, including those high-quality standards that we set for our products.

The Cable Lab’s experienced laboratory technicians employ some of the industry’s most advanced cable testing equipment to perform a full range of tests as part of our routine QA procedures. Our ISO 9001-based quality systems also include the periodic audit of all of our key suppliers to ensure the quality of the materials at source and to review our entire supply chain’s quality assurance procedures. All of our suppliers are carefully selected to ensure that they share a similar approach to us regarding quality – we never compromise in any area of our business.

Research and Development

Eland Cables offers a wide range of cables to British, European and international standards. In some instances, however, none of the standard cables will optimally meet all of the specific requirements of a particular application. This is when the wealth of technical expertise and experience residing in The Cable Lab come together to develop the ideal cable, from design through to manufacturing and testing.

For example, when Eurotunnel required a 45kV by-pass link installation to improve its safe circuit isolation procedures, it approached us to carry out an initial site assessment and to advise with the cable selection process. As no standard cable could meet its specific requirements, one had to be developed promptly to meet what was a pressing timescale. Having done so, Eland Cables then assisted our contractor to terminate this customised cable by providing a team that included an electrical engineer and a qualified HV cable jointer.

Technical Hotline

The Cable Lab comprises a team of trained, qualified experts at the top of their scientific field, who design and test our products to ensure they meet and exceed every single relevant standard. This team includes a number of members who, uniquely, sit on European and International technical committees and provide consultancy to industry regulatory bodies. This gives us an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and expertise that we draw on every day to design and deliver ever more innovative and effective cables and accessories.

Our technical team is also on hand for direct advice for our customers, providing instant access to a world of insights and technical support with one phone call. From bespoke design and manufacturing to rigorous testing, cable selection queries to in-depth information on technical data, cable performance and regulatory requirements, our expert team is here to help. It’s a unique resource that helps us deliver on our commitments to our customers.

Our team can be contacted on +44 20 7241 8500 or at technical@elandcables.com.

Any advice provided is subject to Eland Cables’ terms and conditions of sale.

Onsite Support – field visits including rail trackside

Eland Cables’ technical team is never more than a phone call away and can be contacted directly through our Technical Hotline. Should the need arise, we can make a technical expert available at short notice for presentations or field inspections, including rail trackside. We offer a wealth of technical expertise and experience covering all aspects from cable selection based on the site’s specific environmental conditions through to identifying and resolving installation issues.

Some of our staff are licensed to operate trackside in the United Kingdom and we regularly carry out site inspections for Network Rail and its contractors.

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