AAC, AAAC, ACSR Aluminium Conductors


Applications Overview

AAC, AAAC, ACSR form part of the family of Overhead Conductors, Transmission Conductors and Power Distribution Conductors. These cables are formally known as All Aluminium Conductor (AAC), All Aluminium Alloy Conductor (AAAC) and Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR). These overhead conductors are used as power transmission and distribution lines. All aluminium conductors are made up of one or more strands of aluminium wire depending on the specific application.

We supply a range of aluminium (Al) overhead conductor cables.
AAC–ASTM-B All Aluminium Conductor
AAC are a refined Aluminium stranded conductor with a minimum metal purity of 99.7%. It is principally used in urban areas where spacing is short and the supports are close. It can be used in coastal regions owing to its high degree of corrosion resistance and is also used extensively within the Railway and Metro industries.
AAAC-ASTM-B All Aluminium Alloy Conductor
AAAC are used as a bare conductor cable on aerial circuits that require a larger mechanical resistance than the AAC and a better corrosion resistance than the ACSR. The sag characteristics and the strength-to-weight ratio of the AAAC conductor cable is better than both AAC and ACSR.
ACSR-ASTM-B Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced
ACSR are available in a range of steel contents ranging from 6% to 40% for additional strength. The higher strength ACSR conductors are commonly used for river crossings, overhead earth wires, and installations involving extra-long spans. The ACSR conductor can, against any given resistance, be manufactured to different tensile strengths, so a high tensile strength combined with its lightweight properties means it can cover longer distances with fewer supports. Due to the greater diameter of the ACSR conductor, a much higher corona limit can be obtained which is advantageous on high and extra high voltage overhead lines.
Aluminium conductors are known by codenames, differing depending on dimensions. Cables sizes are available as AWG in cmill, kcmill and MCM.

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Cable Standards and Approvals

AAC - ASTM - B All Aluminium Conductor
ASTM - B 231 Metric Units, ASTM - B 231, TS IEC 1089, DIN 48201, BS 215, UNE 21.018

AAAC - ASTM - B All Aluminium Alloy Conductor
ASTM - B 399 Metric Units, ASTM - B 231, TS IEC 1089, DIN 48201, BS 215, UNE 21.018

ACSR - ASTM - B Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced
ASTM - B 231 Metric Units, ASTM - B 232, TS IEC 1089, DIN 48201, BS 215, UNE 21.018

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