How is electrical energy generated from wind power?

Electrical energy is generated from wind in the way most electrical energy is generated - using an electrical generator which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. An electric generator is based on a magnetic core turning inside a wire coil which produces an electric current. Wind turbines generate the mechanical energy required to turn the magnetic core within the wire coil windings similar to how diesel engines or steam powered electrical generators work.

Generating electrical energy using wind turbines

The modern day wind turbine is designed to catch the prevailing wind in the most effective way, controlling the direction and pitch of the blades as the wind changes direction and speed. Typical wind turbines can operate in a wide range of wind speeds. There is a minimum speed required to turn the turbine and start producing electricity and also typically a cut out speed to protect the equipment from excessive wind speeds.

Transformers are used to regulate and convert the power produced so that it is compatible with the requirements of the end user. 

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