The Cable Lab

There's a place where people are experts at pulling, bending, breaking and burning. Why? Because if a cable might fail we want it to happen here in The Cable Lab.

"It is fair to say that if you are a cable coming here and you're sub-standard, you won't survive." says Emma, Lab Supervisor.

Jean-Sebastien, Director explains: "To some, cable is just cable - to us it's so much more. The issue of non-compliance and sub-standard quality in the industry is so much greater than most people would know; and The Cable Lab is at the forefront of that fight."

Deborah, Head of Comms & ESG says, "Testing cables, and quality & compliance, is at the very heart of what we do, and that means putting cables through ever-increasing tests to make sure they are compliant and do meet performance expectations."

Cables are expected to perform under a range of conditions, from being under constant mechanical stress, to experiencing extreme temperatures. Some face exposure to UV radiation or lie in water-logged ducts. That's why the experts in our world-class lab work to identify sub-standard and non-compliant cable.  

Emma continues: "We do so many different tests because the cables require different testing to be done. If something goes wrong with the cable we don't allow it to go out of Eland Cables' doors."

Mark, QA & Lab Manager goes on, "Nobody wants a cable to fail, but if it's going to fail we want it to fail here in the Lab, in a controlled environment so we can stop it, quarantine it.

The Lab has ISO 17025 accreditation so we're audited to check that everything we do meets the requirements of the specific standards."

Emma adds, "We have the IECEE CBTL as well which I think shows we have a commitment to our customers, to excellence."

Deborah says: "It's not just about laboratory testing - we go above-and-beyond across the board for our customers, so it's about having industry specialists that understand the challenges a project is going to face onsite."

Jean-Sebastien states: "We provide complete cable solutions, from specification, design, to quality assurance that comes with a product often used in critical applications." 

Deborah concludes: "We want to be able to give our customers the confidence that the cables meet all of the compliance, and regulatory, and practical applications that they demand; and that means that the Laboratory is ever-more important and at the centre of what we do. It will be something we continue to invest in because it is what sets us apart and what makes a difference to our customers."


The Cable Lab - IECEE CBTL and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.

A world-class facility giving customers confidence in their cables.