Eland Cables Launches New Video

Driven by people dedicated to excellence: It's a statement that influences everything we do - every department, every action, every interaction. In the launch of this new video introducing people to Eland Cables it gives an insight into how we approach our work:

It's in the quality & compliance of our products and the technical expertise we provide; it's in the work we do to minimise and reduce carbon emissions and support wider ESG activities; it's in the services we inclusively provide and the focus we place on customer service. 

The video may be new but this commitment is longstanding - it's why many of our customers choose time and again to work with us, why we have such high staff retention rates, and why we continue to grow as a company. 

We welcome, as always, feedback from our customers, as well as the opportunity to discuss upcoming projects and how we can make a positive difference.