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Project Support Services

For Consultants and Electrical Engineering Contractors

Large-scale, multi-phase projects have their own unique challenges, and the design consultants and electrical engineering contractors look to their supply partners to provide support far beyond simply the sourcing of products. Eland Cables combines our product excellence with a range of services that have this specifically in mind:


Specification recommendations and cross-border standards comparisons: 

It's no longer the case that consultants and engineers work exclusively in their country of residence - they're engaged to work on projects around the world. With clients demanding consistency of design and performance wherever possible, this can be challenging when needing to adhere to relevant national standards and compliance laws. It can be a minefield trying to specify the correct cables each time.

Our technical experts can assist by identifying the most appropriate cable for the installation environment, and demonstrating compliance with relevant national standards. For instance, transposing British (BS) or European (EN) standards into SS (Finnish) or SE (Swedish) equivalents, and providing qualified guidance on country-specific CPR classifications.

Cable design consultancy:

Sometimes there is no readily available cable that meets the demands of the application, installation or environment. This is when The Cable Lab experts work to design an appropriate cable that meets both the performance and regulatory demands, having it swiftly produced and rigorously tested before it is sent to site. This bespoke cable can be a preferable and cost-effective alternative to having to adjust the overall design plan to fit a cable from off-the-shelf.

Custom cables for individual applications

Cable sample production and testing:

For both our customised solutions and for standard cables we can produce samples to demonstrate quality or simply familiarise the electrical contracting team with the cables they are to be using. Similarly, these samples can be put through a gamut of tests, including where relevant UV accelerated weathering and Ozone resistance testing, prior to the finished cable in full production run being subject to BSI Kitemark testing or VLF testing.

Industry best-practice guidance and training: 

Working on such a breadth of projects around the world means our industry specialists are well-versed in best-practice, providing their knowledge and expertise to the projects they're engaged on. This can mean answering specific questions on a case-by-case basis or supporting wider understanding with CPD certified cable training on relevant subject areas. This can include regulatory issues such as CPR compliance and practical matters such as cable construction, materials and applications.

Project hubs:

Busy construction sites often face space constraints but need the accessibility and flexibility of having cable drums close at hand for when they're needed. For the largest projects we can establish secure proximate sites that can receive, lift, and store cables in the same optimum condition they left our main distribution centre. With a nearby site the project timelines can flex as required with a buffer stock on site to handle both the scheduled requirements and any ad-hoc needs. 

Proactive global project management: 

From Scandinavia to Singapore, from Brazil to Britain, our approach to managing projects remains the same. It is a combination of forward-thinking open communications, our tailored logistics, and a can-do attitude. Whilst other suppliers may make the same claim, our project team truly delivers on their commitment.


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CPD certified courses

Improve your cable knowledge with tailored courses across construction, testing, application and regulatory matters

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Independent testing services

ISO/IEC 17025 accredited facility providing cable testing and producing impartial results for quality assurance

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Recognising our commitment to our staff, our communities, and our wider environment

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