Eland Cables Cable Information (1)

XHIV and LXHIV Cables

These Portuguese referenced Medium Voltage cables are available in single cores and three cores in triplex formation, with voltages ranging from 6kV through to 30kV. They are available with copper conductors - LXHIV - and aluminium conductors XHIV. 

Both the LXHIV and XHIV are XLPE insulated and sheathed with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). It provides a +90oC operating temperature and a robust outer sheathing. These cables also have a copper tape screen. The XHIV aluminium cables will offer a lighter alternative to the Copper LXHIV cables, but at the expense of overall diameter sizing, so are considered suitable where no space constraints exist.

The LXHIV and XHIV cables are also available with Polyethylene PE sheathing, referred to as LXHIE/XHIE, and with varying constructions including copper wire screens (LXHIOV/XHIOV) and with armour for additional mechanical protection.

For more information on our range of Portuguese referenced cables to IEC 60502-2, please speak to our International team including Portuguese speakers who will be happy to help.



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