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TSLF Cable

The TSLF cable range is for medium voltage fixed wiring external installations. Designed for the Finnish market, the TSLF cable is manufactured in accordance with HD 620 10 K and IEC 60228.

TSLF Cable Specification

Designed to withstand the wide temperature range external applications may face in Finland, the TSLF cable is sheathed in a hard and abrasion resistant Polyethylene (PE) polymer suitable for a minimum operating temperature of -50oC. The single core stranded aluminium conductor offers a lightweight option where space constraints are not a factor.

Underneath the screen is a polyethylene laminated aluminium foil layer alongside the copper wires metallic screen, providing a radial waterblocking in the event the sheathing is compromised. It also has longitudinal waterblocking with swellable tapes below the metallic screen. It makes the TSLF cable suitable for installation where cable ducts are liable to flooding by fresh water and where wet soil is present.

Insulated with XLPE (cross-linked Polyethylene) insulation, the material provides excellent dielectric strength with a low dissipation factor, and offers a maximum conductor operating temperature of +90oC. Although the TSLF cable range is halogen-free, the PE sheathing material means it is without fire protection. It is therefore not CPR-certified. For more information on our range of CPR certified MV cables or for CPR cable training, feel free to contact us to discuss your cable project installation requirements.

TSLF Cable Datasheets

The TSLF cable is just one of many in our range of Scandinavian, European and International MV cable portfolio and our technical team and project managers can help guide you in selecting the most appropriate cable for your installation.

Available on our website in a rated voltage of 18/30kV, this cable can be buried directly in the ground, including waterlogged ground as it benefits from a dual waterblocking protection. Technical datasheets for other voltages are available on request, as are additional cross sectional area sizes.  

Accompanying accessories for installation are also available. Please speak to a member of the team to learn more.

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Construction Table

  CS TSLF 18 30 (36) Kv Cable TSLF 18/30kV Cable

18/30 (36)kV


Class 2 stranded Aluminium


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene) - with Conductor screen and Insulation screen applied as a triple extrusion process


Longitudinal water swellable tape above and below the metallic screen


Copper wires and Polyethylene laminated aluminium foil (CAS). (radial waterblocking)


PE (Polyethylene)

TSLF Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
TSLF 18/30kV CableC9G30KV101095BK195mm²Black
TSLF 18/30kV CableC9G30KV101120BK1120mm²Black
TSLF 18/30kV CableC9G30KV101150BK1150mm²Black
TSLF 18/30kV CableC9G30KV101240BK1240mm²Black
TSLF 18/30kV CableC9G30KV101300BK1300mm²Black
TSLF 18/30kV CableC9G30KV101400BK1400mm²Black
TSLF 18/30kV CableC9G30KV101630BK1630/35mm²Black
TSLF 18/30kV CableC9G30KV201630BK1630/50mm²Black
TSLF 18/30kV CableC9G30KV101800BK1800mm²Black