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RHV and RHZ1 Cables for Airfield Lighting

The RHV and RHZ1 cables are manufactured in accordance with Spanish national standard UNE 21-161-93. These RHV and RHZ1 cables have been frequently specified in primary airfield lighting applications.

RHV & RHZ1 Cable Specification

As with the FLYCY & FL2XCY cables, the RHV and RHZ1 cables can be used for lighting equipment series circuits linking the Constant Current Regulator and isolating transformers, or interconnecting multiple isolating transformers. This particular specification is designed with airfield lighting applications in mind, although other variations of both cables exist for general applications.

The RHV cable is a copper cable with PVC outer sheathing, whilst the RHZ1 is a copper cable with a Halogen-free Polyolefin outer layer. Both are XLPE insulated for a maximum conductor operating temperature of +90oC. It is specified to operate in conditions down to -20oC.

The cables can be used in either static of dynamic installations - the bend radius changes accordingly.

RHV & RHZ1 Cable Voltages

The RHV and RHZ1 for airfield lighting applications is most commonly required in a rated voltage of 6/10kV. For other applications, these cables are available in other voltages as required on request, including 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, and 18/30kV.

Depending on the regulatory requirements of the installation environment, and owing to the Spanish standard specification this cable, both RHV and RHZ1 cables hold CPR Euroclassification compliance.

Please speak to the team if you are looking for RHZ1-OL cables 

All our MV cables are rigorously QA tested in our MV laboratory under ISO/IEC 17025 mandated conditions.


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Construction Table

  CS RHV For Airport Lighting RHV Cable CS RHZ1 For Airport Lighting RHZ1 Cable



Stranded Copper


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


Two Copper tapes


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

PO-HF (Polyolefin Halogen Free)

RHV and RHZ1 Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
RHV CableF0610KV010060RD16mm²Red
RHZ1 CableF0710KV010060RD16mm²Red