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Our NSHXAFÖ is a highly-flexible rubber cable recommended for use in public transport technologies, on-board trains, in underground rolling stock coaches, and on trams and buses.

NSHXAFÖ Voltage Rating

Whilst the most commonly specified voltage rating for the NSHXAFO cable is 1.8/3kV, the cable available in the following voltage ratings:

- 0.6/1kV
- 1.8/3kV
- 3.6/6kV

NSHXAFÖ Cable Specification

The NSHXAFÖ single core cable is specifically designed to provide protection against short circuits, given it's inherently ground fault-proof when used in railway vehicles. It is also suitable for general wiring purposes. NSHXAFÖ is suitable for installation in conduits, cable ducts, pipes and enclosed channels.

This cable has a flame-retardant, oil-resistant Type HM3 Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) rubber sheath which prevents the emission of toxic gases and opaque fumes in the event of fire. This makes it suitable for use in public areas where smoke and toxic fumes would pose a risk to human life should fire occur.

For full technical specifications and other core sizes please refer to the datasheets or speak to our technical team for more advice. 

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Construction Table

  NSHXAFO Cable CS NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV Cable

0.6/1kV, 1.8/3kV or 3.6/6kV


Class 5 Flexible Stranded Tinned Copper


Rubber, EPR Base




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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV01001511.5mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV01002512.5mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV01004014mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV01006016mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV01010110mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV01016116mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV01025125mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV01035135mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV01050150mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV01070170mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV01095195mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV011201120mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV011501150mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV011851185mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV012401240mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV013001300mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV014001400mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 0.6/1kV CableA5NS01KV015001500mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS1001511.5mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS1002512.5mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS1004014mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS1006016mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS1010110mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS1016116mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS1025125mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS1035135mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS1050150mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS1070170mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS1095195mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS11201120mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS11501150mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS11851185mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS12401240mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 1.8/3kV CableA5NS13001300mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 3.6/6kV CableA5NS06KV01001511.5mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 3.6/6kV CableA5NS06KV01002512.5mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 3.6/6kV CableA5NS06KV01004014mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 3.6/6kV CableA5NS06KV01006016mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 3.6/6kV CableA5NS06KV01010110mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 3.6/6kV CableA5NS06KV01016116mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 3.6/6kV CableA5NS06KV01025125mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 3.6/6kV CableA5NS06KV01035135mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 3.6/6kV CableA5NS06KV01050150mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 3.6/6kV CableA5NS06KV01070170mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 3.6/6kV CableA5NS06KV01095195mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 3.6/6kV CableA5NS06KV011201120mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 3.6/6kV CableA5NS06KV011501150mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 3.6/6kV CableA5NS06KV011851185mm²Black
NSHXAFÖ 3.6/6kV CableA5NS06KV012401240mm²Black