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(N)YFAZ Speaker Cable

The (N)YFAZ (or YFAZ as it is also known as) is a twin core cable for light duty wiring, manufactured and adapted to the German standard DIN VDE 0250. It is sometimes referred to as Speaker Wire as it is often used to connect audio, stereo and home cinema equipment or as the link between speakers and amplifiers. It is commonly used to connect hand-held portable equipment and in lighting fixtures. Unlike the more rigid British standard 624-Y twin & earth which is used for pendant light drops, the (N)YFAZ has class 5 flexible stranded copper conductors and so is more relevant to lamps.

The (N)YFAZ cable is white in colour, so the PVC insulation is minimally noticeable when used in appliance wiring. On one of the cores, the insulation is corrugated. The twin wires are easily separated, or can be partially split as needed. It should be noted that as a single insulated fine stranded flexible wire, the YFAZ cable should not be subject to mechanical stress.

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Construction Table

  Cross Section (N)YFAZ (N)YFAZ Speaker Cable



Class 5 fine stranded flexible Copper


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

(N)YFAZ Speaker Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
(N)YFAZ Speaker CableB9B020000520.5White
(N)YFAZ Speaker CableB9B020007520.75White
(N)YFAZ Speaker CableB9B02001021White
(N)YFAZ Speaker CableB9B02001521.5White
(N)YFAZ Speaker CableB9B02002522.5White
(N)YFAZ Speaker CableB9B02004024White