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H03S-K Cable

The H03S-K is a range of single core copper conductor cables (bare copper as standard but tinned copper upon request) insulated with silicone rubber.

H03S-K Cable Specification

The H03S-K is manufactured in accordance with EN 50525-2-41, a harmonised European standard for single core cross-linked silicone low voltage cables for internal applications in high temperature zones. The H03S-K cable is specified for applications operating at up to 180oC; it also supports low temperature applications, down to a low of -60oC.

Silicone rubber is a fire retardant LSZH material so the cable is suitable for installation in environments where protection to life and sensitive equipment in the event of a fire is paramount.

H03S-K Cable Sizes and Voltage Rating

The H03S-K is available in cross-sectional conductor sizes from 0.5mm2 to 2.5mm2 as standard, and in the full range of insulation colours. Eland Cables' part numbers have the two letter insulation colour code designation added to them to identify them. The cable has a voltage rating of 300/300V as determined by the harmonised coding references.

The Silicone insulation provides for flexibility alongside the fine stranded Class 5 conductor, as reflected in the 5x overall diameter minimum bending radius, yet the properties of silicone means it is missing the robustness of other insulation materials. Where additional protection is required, cables such as the SIAF-GL with its fibre glass braid sheath may be more appropriate. For support with high temperature applications and accompanying cables, please contact us for more information.

Other cables meeting the same standard of EN 50525-2-41 would include the H05S-K and H03SS-K.

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Construction Table

  H03S-K Cable CS H03S-K Cable



Class 5 fine stranded flexible Copper (bare or tinned)


Si (Silicone Rubber)

H03S-K Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
H03S-K CableB3I0100005BK10.5mm²Black
H03S-K CableB3I0100075BK10.75mm²Black
H03S-K CableB3I010010BK11mm²Black
H03S-K CableB3I010015BK11.5mm²Black
H03S-K CableB3I010025BK12.5mm²Black
H03S-K CableB3I0100005BL10.5mm²Blue
H03S-K CableB3I0100075BL10.75mm²Blue
H03S-K CableB3I010010BL11mm²Blue
H03S-K CableB3I010015BL11.5mm²Blue
H03S-K CableB3I010025BL12.5mm²Blue
H03S-K CableB3I0100005PK10.5mm²Pink
H03S-K CableB3I0100075PK10.75mm²Pink
H03S-K CableB3I010010PK11mm²Pink
H03S-K CableB3I010015PK11.5mm²Pink
H03S-K CableB3I010025PK12.5mm²Pink
H03S-K CableB3I0100005BR10.5mm²Brown
H03S-K CableB3I0100075BR10.75mm²Brown
H03S-K CableB3I010010BR11mm²Brown
H03S-K CableB3I010015BR11.5mm²Brown
H03S-K CableB3I010025BR12.5mm²Brown
H03S-K CableB3I0100005GR10.5mm²Grey
H03S-K CableB3I0100075GR10.75mm²Grey
H03S-K CableB3I010010GR11mm²Grey
H03S-K CableB3I010015GR11.5mm²Grey
H03S-K CableB3I010025GR12.5mm²Grey
H03S-K CableB3I0100005OR10.5mm²Orange
H03S-K CableB3I0100075OR10.75mm²Orange
H03S-K CableB3I010010OR11mm²Orange
H03S-K CableB3I010015OR11.5mm²Orange
H03S-K CableB3I010025OR12.5mm²Orange
H03S-K CableB3I0100005TQ10.5mm²Turquoise
H03S-K CableB3I0100075TQ10.75mm²Turquoise
H03S-K CableB3I010010TQ11mm²Turquoise
H03S-K CableB3I010015TQ11.5mm²Turquoise
H03S-K CableB3I010025TQ12.5mm²Turquoise
H03S-K CableB3I0100005VI10.5mm²Violet
H03S-K CableB3I0100075VI10.75mm²Violet
H03S-K CableB3I010010VI11mm²Violet
H03S-K CableB3I010015VI11.5mm²Violet
H03S-K CableB3I010025VI12.5mm²Violet
H03S-K CableB3I0100005WH10.5mm²White
H03S-K CableB3I0100075WH10.75mm²White
H03S-K CableB3I010010WH11mm²White
H03S-K CableB3I010015WH11.5mm²White
H03S-K CableB3I010025WH12.5mm²White
H03S-K CableB3I0100005GN10.5mm²Green
H03S-K CableB3I0100075GN10.75mm²Green
H03S-K CableB3I010010GN11mm²Green
H03S-K CableB3I010015GN11.5mm²Green
H03S-K CableB3I010025GN12.5mm²Green
H03S-K CableB3I0100005GY10.5mm²Green/Yellow
H03S-K CableB3I0100075GY10.75mm²Green/Yellow
H03S-K CableB3I010010GY11mm²Green/Yellow
H03S-K CableB3I010015GY11.5mm²Green/Yellow
H03S-K CableB3I010025GY12.5mm²Green/Yellow