What are the benefits of Silicone insulated cables?

Silicone rubber insulated cables have outstanding thermal range with some suitable for high temperatures up to 200oC and lows down to -90°C. Silicone rubber cables also have excellent flexibility. Whilst silicone rubber insulation doesn’t offer the same mechanical toughness and cut-through resistance when compared to most other elastomers, this can be compensated for with the addition of a glass fibre braid and silicone varnish. 

Insulation of silicone for fire resistant cables

The mineral nature of silicone rubber insulation makes the silicone cables uniquely suitable for fire resistant cables required to maintain circuit integrity in the event of a fire. When the cable is in a fire situation a film of fused silica is deposited onto the conductor providing substantial insulation properties. The addition of specialist additives can enhance the strength of this fused silica around the conductor. Silicone cables are LSZH - low smoke zero halogen materials - an additional benefit that makes them particularly suitable for fire situations.

Silicone insulation also has good oil and solvent resistance, and good corona, and ozone and weathering resistance.

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