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G4727 Cable

The G4727 cable is a low voltage armoured power cable manufactured in accordance with London Underground standards and listed in the Approved Products Register.

G4727 Cable Specification and Voltage Rating

This limited fire hazard (LFH) armoured power cables is designed for use in non-safety-critical, low voltage AC current systems with a voltage rating of 600/1000V. G4727 cables were previously known as EME-SP-14-027.

The G4727 cables are multicore cables, from 2-core to 5-core in sizes rising from 2.5mm2 to 300mm2. Steel Wire Armour (SWA) provides protection against mechanical stresses. These armoured power supply cables have a temperature rating of -15oC to +90oC.

G4727 cables for next-day delivery from stock

As a leading supplier of armoured power cables to the rail industry, Eland Cables has a comprehensive range of LFH armoured power cables to G4727 in stock and readily available for same-day collection or for our Next-Day delivery service to any part of London or the country, For emergency requirements, these cables can be delivered on a same-day basis.

Our rail specialists have a wealth of experience in providing technical support to the rail industry, Please call us to discuss some of our innovative solutions or simply to enquire about our LUL-approved and Network Rail approved stockholding.

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Construction Table

  LUL LFH Armoured Cable CS G4727 Cable



Class 2 Stranded Copper


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


LFH (Limited Fire Hazard)


SWA (Galvanised Steel Wire)


LFH (Limited Fire Hazard)

G4727 Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
G4727 CableA9SWA2025LUL22.5Black
G4727 CableA9SWA2040LUL24Black
G4727 CableA9SWA2060LUL26Black
G4727 CableA9SWA210LUL210Black
G4727 CableA9SWA2120LUL2120Black
G4727 CableA9SWA2150LUL2150Black
G4727 CableA9SWA216LUL216Black
G4727 CableA9SWA2185LUL2185Black
G4727 CableA9SWA2240LUL2240Black
G4727 CableA9SWA225LUL225Black
G4727 CableA9SWA2300LUL2300Black
G4727 CableA9SWA235LUL235Black
G4727 CableA9SWA250LUL250Black
G4727 CableA9SWA270LUL270Black
G4727 CableA9SWA295LUL295Black
G4727 CableA9SWA3025LUL30.5Black
G4727 CableA9SWA3040LUL34Black
G4727 CableA9SWA3060LUL36Black
G4727 CableA9SWA310LUL310Black
G4727 CableA9SWA3120LUL3120Black
G4727 CableA9SWA3150LUL3150Black
G4727 CableA9SWA316LUL316Black
G4727 CableA9SWA3185LUL3185Black
G4727 CableA9SWA3240LUL3240Black
G4727 CableA9SWA325LUL325Black
G4727 CableA9SWA3300LUL3300Black
G4727 CableA9SWA335LUL335Black
G4727 CableA9SWA350LUL350Black
G4727 CableA9SWA370LUL370Black
G4727 CableA9SWA395LUL395Black
G4727 CableA9SWA4025LUL42.5Black
G4727 CableA9SWA4040LUL44Black
G4727 CableA9SWA4060LUL46Black
G4727 CableA9SWA410LUL410Black
G4727 CableA9SWA4120LUL4120Black
G4727 CableA9SWA4150LUL4150Black
G4727 CableA9SWA416LUL416Black
G4727 CableA9SWA4185LUL4185Black
G4727 CableA9SWA4240LUL4240Black
G4727 CableA9SWA425LUL425Black
G4727 CableA9SWA4300LUL4300Black
G4727 CableA9SWA435LUL435Black
G4727 CableA9SWA450LUL450Black
G4727 CableA9SWA470LUL470Black
G4727 CableA9SWA495LUL495Black