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EXVB and EAXVB Cables

The EXVB and EAXVB cables are power distributions cables for low voltage applications, designed for use in the Belgian market. They are manufactured in accordance with NBN HD 603 Part 5 - Section A.

EXVB and EAXVB Cable Specification

Available with either Copper (EXVB) or Aluminium (EAXVB), the Class 1 solid conductors create a rigid construction, suitable only for fixed installation. This cable construction also results in a minimum bend radius of 20x overall diameter which should be kept in mind during project design and specification.

Both the EXVB and EAXVB cables are PVC sheathed, with XLPE insulation allowing for a maximum conductor operating temperature of +90oc. This PVC outer sheathing makes it suitable for internal and external installation environments, whether on cable tray, in ducts, buried (with additional protection as required) or in open air. The cables offer a degree of UV resistance, although for global installations the suitability of this should be confirmed at the point of specification.

EXVB and EAXVB Cable sizes and Technical Datasheets

The EXVB and EAXVB 1kV cables are available in both single and multi-core variants, across a wide range of cross-sectional conductor sizes. Core identification allows for coloured cores with and without a green/yellow earth conductor, depending on project requirements. Key dimensional data and electrical characteristics are provided on the technical datasheet below.

If the size required is not listed, please speak to our team who will be happy to provide you with tailored information.

Designed for the Belgian construction and power distribution market, the EXVB and EAXVB cables form part of a wider portfolio of cables for the Benelux region, including the XVB-F2 cable (with a flame retardant PVC sheathing for a higher CPR classification), and the XGB-F2 cables with an LSZH outer sheathing for internal applications. 

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Construction Table

  EXVB Cable CS EXVB 1kV Cable EAXVB Cable CS EAXVB 1kV Cable



Class 1 solid or Class 2 stranded Copper

Class 1 solid or Class 2 stranded Aluminium


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

EXVB and EAXVB Cables

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
EXVB 1kV CableB1W012401240Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W02002522.5Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W02006026Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W02010210Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W02016216Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W03001531.5Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W03002532.5Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W03004034Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W03006036Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W03010310Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W03016316Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W03095395Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W04002542.5Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W04004044Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W04006046Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W04010410Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W04016416Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W04025425Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W04035435Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W04050450Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W04070470Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W04095495Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W041204120Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W041504150Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W041854185Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W042404240Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W05001551.5Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W05002552.5Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W05004054Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W05006056Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W05010510Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W05016516Black
EXVB 1kV CableB1W05025525Black
EAXVB 1kV CableB1V04095495Black
EAXVB 1kV CableB1V041504150Black