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Datalink Cable BR1932

The twin datalink railway cables have the Network Rail reference BR1932. The LSZH sheath of the 6/166063 datalink cable makes it suitable for use in tunnels and stations.

BR1932 Cable Specification for SSI

is designed to provide the interconnection in Solid State Interlocking (SSI) Systems, a specific application used within the railway industry. These cables allow for the trackside transmission of data between the Main Processor Modules (MPMs) and the Trackside Functional Modules (TFMs) - either the signal module or the points module - through the Data Link Modules (DLM).

Datalink cable technical support

As a leading railway cable supplier, we work closely with Network Rail and its contractors to deliver safety and efficiency improvements to the UK rail network. Please contact us to discuss your project and your specific rail telecoms cable and datalink cable requirements.

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Construction Table

  Rail Twin Datalink Cable CS Railway Cables - BR1932 Twin Datalink Cable Rail Twin Datalink LSZH Cable CS Railway cables - LSZH Twin Datalink Cable [A-2Y2Y(L)H]

Class 1 Solid Copper


PE (Polyethylene)



Polyester Tape


PE (Polyethylene)


Al/PET (Aluminium Polyethylene) Tape


PE (Polyethylene)

LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)


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Product name Part No Rail Cat No Pairs Size (mm) Sheath colour Length (m)  
Railway Cables - BR1932 Twin Datalink CableA8T02127DL6/1660651P1.27mmBlack
Railway Cables - BR1932 Twin Datalink CableA8T02127BLBLU6/1660651P1.27mmBlue
Railway cables - LSZH Twin Datalink Cable [A-2Y2Y(L)H]A8T011272HLSn/a1P1.27mmBlack
Railway cables - LSZH Twin Datalink Cable [A-2Y2Y(L)H]A8T011272HLSBLn/a1P1.27mmBlue