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6381B Cable

Manufactured in accordance with BS7211 and IEC 60502-1, our 6381B cable is a single core low voltage power supply cable for flexible applications.

6381B Cable Specification

Designed to supply DC Power to telecoms equipment and power applications where flexibility is required, our 6381B cables have a temperature rating range of 0oC to +90oC. The low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) insulation and outer sheath makes it suitable for installations where fire, smoke and toxic fumes would pose a threat to human life and equipment should a fire occur. It is often referred to as conduit wiring.

This cable is supplied in blue, grey or green/yellow as standard, however other colours are available upon request.

6381B Cable Sizes

The 6381B is available in a broad range of conductor cross-sectional area sizes, ranging from 1.5mm2 through to 240mm2. Full details of dimensions and cable weights, alongside electrical characteristics, are provided on the PDF technical datasheet. 

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Construction Table

  6381B Cable CS 6381B Cable

Up to 35mm2: 450/750V
50mm2 and above: 0.6/1kV


Class 5 Flexible Stranded Annealed Copper


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)


LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)

6381B Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Length (m)  
6381B CableA1FYBL/BL0015LS11.5Blue
6381B CableA1FYBL/BL0025LS12.5Blue
6381B CableA1FYBL/BL004LS14Blue
6381B CableA1FYBL/BL006LS16Blue
6381B CableA1FYBL/BL010LS110Blue
6381B CableA1FYBL/BL016LS116Blue
6381B CableA1FYBL/BL025LS125Blue
6381B CableA1FYBL/BL035LS135Blue
6381B CableA1FYBL/BL050LS150Blue
6381B CableA1FYBL/BL070LS170Blue
6381B CableA1FYBL/BL095LS195Blue
6381B CableA1FYBL/BL120LS1120Blue
6381B CableA1FYBL/BL150LS1150Blue
6381B CableA1FYBL/BL185LS1185Blue
6381B CableA1FYBL/BL240LS1240Blue
6381B CableA1FYGR/GR0015LS11.5Grey
6381B CableA1FYGR/GR0025LS12.5Grey
6381B CableA1FYGR/GR004LS14Grey
6381B CableA1FYGR/GR006LS16Grey
6381B CableA1FYGR/GR010LS110Grey
6381B CableA1FYGR/GR016LS116Grey
6381B CableA1FYGR/GR025LS125Grey
6381B CableA1FYGR/GR035LS135Grey
6381B CableA1FYGR/GR050LS150Grey
6381B CableA1FYGR/GR070LS170Grey
6381B CableA1FYGR/GR095LS195Grey
6381B CableA1FYGR/GR120LS1120Grey
6381B CableA1FYGR/GR150LS1150Grey
6381B CableA1FYGR/GR185LS1185Grey
6381B CableA1FYGR/GR240LS1240Grey
6381B CableA1FYGY/GY0015LS11.5Green/Yellow
6381B CableA1FYGY/GY0025LS12.5Green/Yellow
6381B CableA1FYGY/GY004LS14Green/Yellow
6381B CableA1FYGY/GY006LS16Green/Yellow
6381B CableA1FYGY/GY010LS110Green/Yellow
6381B CableA1FYGY/GY016LS116Green/Yellow
6381B CableA1FYGY/GY025LS125Green/Yellow
6381B CableA1FYGY/GY035LS135Green/Yellow
6381B CableA1FYGY/GY050LS150Green/Yellow
6381B CableA1FYGY/GY070LS170Green/Yellow
6381B CableA1FYGY/GY095LS195Green/Yellow
6381B CableA1FYGY/GY120LS1120Green/Yellow
6381B CableA1FYGY/GY150LS1150Green/Yellow
6381B CableA1FYGY/GY185LS1185Green/Yellow
6381B CableA1FYGY/GY240LS1240Green/Yellow