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ARE4H5EX and ARE4H5EXY cables are medium voltage power distribution cables, with lightweight aluminium Class 2 stranded conductors for overhead line applications. The ARE4H5EX and ARE4H5EXY cables expand our Medium Voltage cable portfolio, manufactured in accordance with IEC 60502-2 and compliant with HD620 standard.

ARE4H5EX & ARE4H5EXY Cable Specification

The ARE4H5EX and ARE4H5EXY cables are suited to fixed installation use both indoors and outdoors in free air, on masonry and metal structures, on walkways, pipes, channels and other similar systems. Specifying ARE4H5EX and ARE4H5EXY cables will be determined by the system design and the environmental conditions for the cable installation, as well as any geographic compliance stipulations. 

The ARE4H5EX cable has compacted conductors, reducing overall cable diameter, whilst the ARE4H5EXY cable has an additional aluminium messenger wire to provide additional support and rigidity, particularly where there is limited structures or mounting systems.

Sheathed in Polyethylene (PE / MDPE),  Both the ARE4H5EX and ARE4H5EXY cables have an aluminium tape screen applied longitudinally around each core - the ARE4H5EX also has a semi-conductive watertight tape applied beneath the metallic screen.

ARE4H5EX & ARE4H5EXY Cable Voltages

These cables are supplied in triplex formation - three single insulated and sheathed cores twisted together - providing three-phase power in voltages 12/20kV and 18/30kV. They are available in a broad section of core cross-sectional area sizes, generally up to 300mm2

Technical support can be provided where the ARE4H5EX and ARE4H5EXY cables may not be directly suited - the wider HD620 cable portfolio includes cables such as the AHXAMK-W, AHXAMK-WM and AHXAMK-WP cables which are all also provided in triplex formation. As with all our cables, the technical datasheets linked below provide constructional and electrical information, but additional information can be requested as needed.

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Construction Table

  CS ARE4H5EX Compact Cable ARE4H5EX Cable CS ARE4H5EXY 12 20Kv Cable (1) ARE4H5EXY Cable

Aluminium Class 2 stranded


Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE)


Aluminium Tape


Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) DPM 2

Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) DPM 5


Triplex formation

Triplex with Aluminium Messenger Wire


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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Voltage Rating Sheath colour Length (m)  
ARE4H5EX CableB4B20KV03050350mm²20kVRed
ARE4H5EX CableB4B20KV03070370mm²20kVRed
ARE4H5EX CableB4B20KV03095395mm²20kVRed
ARE4H5EX CableB4B20KV031203120mm²20kVRed
ARE4H5EX CableB4B20KV031503150mm²20kVRed
ARE4H5EX CableB4B20KV031853185mm²20kVRed
ARE4H5EX CableB4B20KV032403240mm²20kVRed
ARE4H5EX CableB4B20KV033003300mm²20kVRed
ARE4H5EXY CableB4C20KV03035335mm²20kVGrey
ARE4H5EXY CableB4C20KV03050350mm²20kVGrey
ARE4H5EXY CableB4C20KV03095395mm²20kVGrey
ARE4H5EXY CableB4C20KV031503150mm²20kVGrey