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6181XY Cable

6181XY cables are single core cables manufactured in accordance with BS7889. The XLPE insulation (Cross-linked Polyethylene) is directly beneath the PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) outer sheathing. These fixed wiring cables, with their Class 2 copper conductors, are often referred to as being double insulated. This is because they have two layers side by side, albeit they are different materials on the 6181XY, unlike with 6181Y (PVC) and 6181B (LSZH). 

6181XY cable voltage

It should be noted that the 6181XY has a higher rated voltage than either the 6181Y or 6181B cables, being rated at 0.6/1kV. 

The 6181XY is available in conductor sizes up to 630mm2 and with the option of core identification (insulation material colour) of black, blue, grey and brown. Other insulation colours are available upon request.

The advantage of the 6181XY cable is the +90oC conductor operating temperature that comes from having XLPE thermosetting insulation layer, in addition to the benefits that come from the PVC sheathing. The 6181Y double-PVC by comparison is limited to +70oC.

6181XY cable specification

The 6181XY is suitable for dry and damp installations, for power and lighting circuits and building wiring in semi-flush exposed conduits, embedded conduits and in closed installation ducts. It is also ideal for use in internal wiring of appliances. 

Electrical characteristics and current carrying capacity are contained within the datasheet; additional technical support is available where required.



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Construction Table

  CS 6181XY Cable 6181XY Cable



Class 2 stranded Copper


XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene)


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

6181XY Cable

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Product name Part No Cores Nominal cross-sectional area (mm²) Sheath colour Colour Length (m)  
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK001511.5BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL001511.5BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR001511.5BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR001511.5BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK002512.5BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL002512.5BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR002512.5BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR002512.5BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK00414BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL00414BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR00414BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR00414BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK00616BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL00616BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR00616BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR00616BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK010110BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL010110BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR010110BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR010110BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK016116BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL016116BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR016116BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR016116BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK025125BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL025125BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR025125BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR025125BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK035135BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL035135BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR035135BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR035135BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK050150BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL050150BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR050150BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR050150BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK070170BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL070170BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR070170BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR070170BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK095195BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL095195BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR095195BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR095195BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK1201120BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL1201120BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR1201120BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR1201120BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK1501150BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL1501150BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR1501150BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR1501150BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK1851185BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL1851185BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR1851185BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR1851185BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK2401240BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL2401240BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR2401240BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR2401240BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK3001300BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL3001300BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR3001300BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR3001300BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK4001400BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL4001400BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR4001400BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR4001400BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK5001500BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL5001500BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR5001500BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR5001500BlackGrey
6181XY CableA1XBK/BK6301630BlackBlack
6181XY CableA1XBK/BL6301630BlackBlue
6181XY CableA1XBK/BR6301630BlackBrown
6181XY CableA1XBK/GR6301630BlackGrey