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BS6724 Cable

British-Standard BS6724 cable
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Thermosetting insulated armoured cables - 600/1000V to 1900/3300V - with low emission of smoke and corrosive gases when affected by fire. Manufactured in accordance with British Standard BS6724

This Standard specifies requirements for armoured power supply cables with Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE), Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR), or thermosetting polyolefin insulation with an LSZH sheath for use in public areas where there is a need to reduce the risk of harmful smoke and fumes when exposed to fire. Cables manufactured in accordance with BS6724 produce lower levels of smoke and corrosive gas when exposed to fire than comparative cables manufactured in accordance with BS5467 and BS6346.

BS6724 Cable construction

  600/1000V 1900/3300V
Single core Stranded copper (Class 2) or solid aluminium (Class 1)
Two-core Stranded copper (Class 2) or solid aluminium (Class 1) N/A
Three-core Stranded copper (Class 2) or solid aluminium (Class 1)
Four-core Stranded copper (Class 2) or solid aluminium (Class 1) N/A
Five-core Stranded copper (Class 2) N/A
Multicore auxiliary-core Stranded copper (Class 2) N/A
Insulation GP8, GP6 or EI5
Bedding Extruded layer of polymeric material compatible with the operating temperature of the cable. HCI levels are not to exceed 0.5%
Single core Plain aluminium wire
Two-core and above Galvanised steel wire
Outersheath Extruded layers of compatible polymeric material conforming to the requirements of LTS 1 specified in BS7655. HCI levels are not to exceed 0.5%

BS6724 cable core identification

The Standard specifies the following core colour identification system:

Single core Brown or Blue
Two-core Brown and Blue
Three-core Brown, Black and Grey
Four-core Blue, Brown, Black and Grey
Five-core Green/Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black and Grey

Due to mechanical protection provided by their armours, cables manufactured to BS6724 are suitable for applications in industrial wiring and mains distribution where there is a risk of mechanical damage.

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