What is bandwidth in cables?

Bandwidth for cables refers to the range of frequencies used for the transfer of information through data cables. The broader the bandwidth the more data that can be carried.

Frequencies used for the transfer of information through data cables

Bandwidth in cables is applicable to data cables, looking at radio and audio frequencies and how much data can be transferred at any one time. It is measured in cycles per second or frequency per unit of time - quantified in Hertz (Hz). You will see the abbreviation MHz below, which stands for Megahertz - 1 Megahertz is the equivalent of 1 million Hertz.

Cables for data are classified as follows:

Category (CAT) 3 cable  = up to 16Mhz
Category 4 cable = Up to 20Mhz
Category 5 cable = up to 100Mhz
Category 6 Cable = up to 250mHz
Category 7 cable = up to 600MHz

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